Philip D Allott

Philip D Allott

The author has been involved in business to business sales and marketing since the age of 21, enabling him to build on over 39 years of real experience. In his previous employment he helped launch the Amstrad range of microcomputers into UK businesses and was directly involved in subsequently introducing Schneider Computers to the UK. In 1993 following Black Wednesday, he established his own marketing agency, Allott and Associates Ltd, and still remains its chairman.

Allott and Associates Ltd, with offices in London and Yorkshire, is a leading niche provider of business-to-business marketing services to companies based in the US, Canada, Australia mainland Europe and the UK. Through work undertaken for numerous clients Philip has been instrumental in delivering successful marketing programmes for a cross-section of companies ranging from SMEs to PLCs. Philip’s work on numerous PR and marketing projects has equipped him with a deep understand of how to cost effectively deliver successful outcomes, knowledge which he has subsequently used to write the Integrated Marketing Manager.

A former regional chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses and fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management, he is the author of numerous business marketing reports, papers, media material and the published author of The Donkeyman.

He lives in Knaresborough, UK.

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