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Cold Dark Stars joins C Derick Varn to discuss the over-complexity of capitalism, planning, and understanding dynamic systems. Amir is a Ph.D.

student in theoretical astrophysics trying to resist the tyranny of over-specialization. Cold Dark Stars is his notebook for exploring issues concerning society, philosophy of science,

and capitalism, from a Left perspective using his scientific training as a lens. The name of the blog is a reference to a neutron star – the cold, dead shell left behind after a massive star

consumes all its fuel and blows up as a supernova.

Symptomatic Redness is a show on political economy and historical analysis hosted by C. Derick Varn and Amogh Sahu. They interview various people on the subject of economics and politics from a historical materialist perspective and look at alternate modes of economic and political organization as well as offering commentary.

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