25/10/18 | By Maria Barry

In this section I’m going to briefly summarize the main
points you need to know on how women work, and provide you with some
suggestions on how to apply this information. Although it won’t explain every
woman, it will give you a few keys to what’s happening in a lot of women.

The bad news is that women are not like men, so men need
some strategies for approaching them. The key to understanding women is to
realize that they are not consistent in their abilities, skills and thought
processes from week to week. This probably doesn’t come as any great
revelation; however, if you understand that women are consistent on a monthly
basis, then there is a level of predictability.

Imagine that you have four different women, one a week for a
month. Each woman has slightly different abilities and ways of perceiving the
world. Your approach to each woman would naturally be slightly different, and
your expectations of each woman would be different as well.

Now imagine that these four women all look alike and you have
the basis for understanding women and their menstrual cycles. Each woman is at
least four different women in one!

Each month women go through four phases in their menstrual
cycles which gives them access to different skills and abilities.

This doesn’t mean that women are unreliable or inconsistent;
rather that they have access to a wide range of enhanced or heightened
abilities and approaches on a repeating monthly basis. Women have a powerful
skill set that is often underused because their skills are seen as erratic.

Living and working with the ‘4 in 1’ woman means that men
need to change their expectations on how they should approach and work with

The good news is that if you align your approach to a
woman’s heightened skills and way of thinking, you are not only more likely to
be well received but you will also be given surprising levels of action,
commitment, problem solving, creativity, support or understanding in response.

The Optimized Woman Daily Plan is a 28-day guide
specifically designed to help women become aware of their Optimum Times and associated abilities, to apply them to create
fulfillment and self-motivation, and to achieve the success and goals they want
in their lives.

If you want to get ahead, get a cycle. The menstrual cycle
consists of Optimum Times - days of heightened performance skills and
abilities. When we match the task to the time we have the opportunity to excel
beyond our expectations. We can achieve goals and success more easily, get
ahead in the workplace, and enhance our feelings of fulfilment. The Optimized
Woman presents a flexible plan of practical daily actions for self-development,
goal achievement and work enhancement, aligned to the phases of the menstrual

Optimized Woman
will totally change how women think about their cycles. It
will change how they live their lives, achieve their goals, plan their work and
careers, and create happiness and well-being. Miranda Gray lives what she teaches.
Her work as the Creative Director of a multimedia company, international
workshop facilitator, writer, women's online life-coach and illustrator all
revolve around her cycle.


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