22/10/18 | By Maria Barry

by Laura Newbury

Faith is necessary to believing that trust is intact, and
like an archaeologist with faith as his spade, a person must carefully dig deep
to find his trust again under so much rubble of the ages. It can be found by
asking to be forgiven, and for help to forgive all who have held you back, and
also yourselves. There has to be a letting go. Forgiving is letting go. This
includes letting go of egobased thoughts, and letting go of the desires of the
ego, which you have thought necessary to protect yourself.

Now you are coming to understand that your true self is more
than your ego. Your true self is motivated by the power of your heart, which
connects you to divine love.

This is why it was said that he who gives up his life will
find it. We tell you that this is true not only of those who die in the name of
love and light and God, but of those who are giving up their life to that
power, as they are living their lives.

You have learned in your past, before you incarnated on
Earth, that you have trust. That is why a baby or a young child trusts, and we

Learn to be as the child who trusts, even though you have
been through events which have caused you to forget how to trust. Keep the wisdom
you have learned, but throw out the fear.

Dig deep.

We use the metaphor of the archaeologist because we refer to
a search that may require the healing of lives before the life you now have. In
other words, it may be appropriate to heal past lives in order to find the
trust again.

We say to you that all is to be healed for the Earth to
survive this time, and the peoples thereon. And all life.

As people are coming into alignment with their spiritual
nature, they are forgiving and healing themselves, and as a result not only
their current life is healed but also their past lives. Karma is being healed.
This has not happened in past times, when only the current life a person lived
could be healed. Now it has come to pass that all is healing. This is necessary
in these times. There is little time left.

The world is healed heart by heart and soul by soul. It is
through your hearts that you are connected to the power of love and life and to
all other people, the Earth and all that dwells thereon, and all that lives by
that power.

So to fully trust we
must find the courage in our hearts?

That is how you connect.

How do I trust – how
do I get from having feelings of worry churning and burning inside me to
feelings of peace and well-being, and the knowledge that all is working for the
best outcome? I haven’t mastered this yet! Especially when waiting for
something to happen in a situation involving a person to whom I’m connected,
especially someone I love. If I wanted to learn it in one day, what would you

Dear child, we understand you. First, it is necessary to
believe that you are creating your outcomes. Worry creates more of the same.
Positive outcomes create more of the same. It is a belief system. Even if you
understand this with your mind, your old belief system has created habits, and
these must be changed.

Change the habit first and the belief will change to match.
So we are saying that it would be hard to change the belief mentally, by
willing change from the mind. This never works well.

You have come to the understanding that you have to change
to be able to manifest the outcomes you desire, which come from love and peace,
rather than from a place of worry.

Invoke our help, and create a state of happiness for
yourself. Even if it feels a bit false at first, it will start to pull the
positive thoughts in with it. Work from the heart, and ask for your heart to be
filled with light.

Once you see that this is working, you will have the
confidence to repeat the process. One day, it will become completely natural.
Then you will be fully trusting, and you will always attract the best outcomes,
or be able to reverse unwanted manifestations.

In 2006 Laura Newbury,
a single parent struggling with emotional and physical pain and worries over
one of her sons who was very ill, made a cry for help in the form of a written
SOS.  To her amazement came an immediate answer from angels, telling her
that the child for whom she had asked would be healed and that she also would
be healed if only she would believe it.  

Angels' Guide to Working with the Power of Light
is published by 6th
Books. ISBN: 978-1-84694-908-1 (Paperback) £9.99 $14.95.


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