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[caption id="attachment_2225" align="alignleft" width="300"] Table of happy according to me[/caption] The Element of HappyThis is a post I wrote a while ago and felt the urge to re-share. I am a believer in following urges. Usually!

I bring this blog to you from a taverna in Skala Eressos, Lesvos. I am sitting on a comfy sofa looking out to sea with a cat purring at my side and, of course, free wifi.My day began with a walk followed by a swim in the Aegean and as I bobbed about in the water looking back to the awakening village I felt a wave; literal and metaphoric, of feeling that I was truly in my element.When I returned to our apartment and gazed out to the mountains across fields, olive trees and flowers I experienced the same feeling. It then occurred to me that when I am at home in the UK: walking barefoot on the cool dew-damp grass in our home on top of the hill, overlooking a patchwork of countryside that resembles a child’s drawing, I am in my element there too.What’s going on here?There are all kinds of formulae for working out one’s element. You can calculate numerically using birthdates, you can use your name, star signs, moon position or whether you like cats or dogs. I’m not sure about the cats or dogs but I could probably make a case.

I then realized that elements change and that maybe it is all about contentment rather than a set list of rules. I am as content in the sea as I am in a plane. I am happy pretty much all the time. It there a formula for that? Yes, there is. And here it is – make your choice. If life has thrown you a curve ball don’t break your neck trying to catch it – throw something at it to change its trajectory. If you need help to do that please get in touch.

I truly understand that for many people in the world there is no choice. This is why if we are fortunate enough to make them then we should.

Because I write and coach others to write plus all my hypnosis related stuff (technical term) I can do these things anywhere and my working element is wherever the wind takes me. Mick and I have had some of our best ideas in the sea.


Barbara Ford-Hammond is the publisher of 6th. She is the author of The Psychic Way and likes to travel.

Barbara is currently working on her new book; aptly called - Write Your Book.

For more information on her please go to http://www.barbaraford-hammond.com/


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