READING for a BETTER YOU in 2021

04/01/21 | By Gavin Lee Davies, Mr

Happy new year and here's to a new you!

There is no better time to focus on your goals and personal development in 2021.

With our books, you will find answers and motivation for learning to love yourself, love others, attract wealth and happiness, and maybe learn a secret along the way!

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THE LIFE CHANGERS ~ The ESSENTIAL books that will transform your life...

O-Books is a leading publisher of Body, Mind, Spirit books. We publish spirituality, personal development and self-help titles, working in partnership with authors to produce authoritative and innovative books. Our authors offer wisdom from ancient teachings, with new perspectives and interpretations. O-Books aim to enlighten and inspire our readers.


Self-Love Pledge

Self-love is the foundation of real happiness, and the birth right of us all.

Self-Love Pledge is a book that guides the reader to the most important journey of all, that of loving yourself. It is this which opens the doors to a real sense of happiness and fulfilment, and yet it's one that most people struggle with. Katie Oman explains why learning to love yourself is such an important thing for all of us, providing practical exercises to help the reader do just that. She draws on personal experiences, which are both shocking and deeply moving, to help each person who reads this book find the inspiration that will turn their life around.

Mind-Spirit Detox

You have detoxed your body, now's the time to detox your mind.

Mind-Spirit Detox practices are the key to unlocking unhelpful habitual patterns of behaviour and thought. By spring-cleaning the mind and removing tired, used up energy, they dissolve resistance and doubt, and advance our understanding of who we are and our place on Earth. Our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with the Divine will receive a sublime and powerful ‘system re-boot’.

Mind-Spirit Detox will open you up to the full grace, power, beauty and love that the Universe longs to give you in your life. This book is about connection, it is about mending and radically enhancing your relationship with others, with yourself and with Spirit. You will experience an incredible expansion of love, of prosperity, and of compassion in your daily walk. You will come to know your deepest purpose on this earth and that purpose will be firmly rooted in the divine flow of Spirit.

This practical book might just change your life forever.

Cool Sex

For deeply satisfying sex the real secret is to reduce the heat, to cool down. Discover the empowerment and fulfilment of sex with loving mindfulness.

Sex is hot isn't it? Do you notice how sexually suggestive erotic images greet you at every corner? These 'steamy' images give a one-sided, unbalanced view of sex.

For deeply satisfying sex the real secret is to reduce the heat, to cool down, and to be relaxed and mindful. Nature designed bodies for easy going loving sexual play that lasts for hours. Using the ancient eastern understandings of Tantra and body magnetism, higher experiences and blissful states are available. Cool Sex by Wendy Doeleman and Diana Richardson provides explanations, practical tips and easy to follow exercises.

Discover the empowerment and fulfilment of sex with loving mindfulness.

Ancient Teachings for Modern Times

Timeless wisdom for meditation, inspiration and transformation, helping you thrive and achieve your fullest potential.

Is your life fulfilling? Do you feel loved and valued? Are you full of energy, happy and healthy? Are your days inspiring and fun?

This remarkable book shows you how to stop the struggle and embrace life. Peta Morton shares the timeless spiritual wisdom of the ages in a modern, non-religious context and invites you on a journey of self-discovery.

'Peta Morton elegantly weaves together practical wisdom from a diverse array of traditions to provide a 'one stop shop' for anyone interested in personal development and well-being. This synthesis of important teachings and modalities, ranging from the power of breathing, thoughts, gratitude, and beyond, has the potential to shift the reader's perspective and clears the path for a happier, more peaceful life.'
Mark Gober, author of An End to Upside Down Thinking

Crystal Prescriptions volume 8

Crystal Prescriptions volume 8 is the latest in the bestselling A-Z crystal directories from Judy Hall, with sections on crystal tools, using specific layouts, and a prosperity crystals compendium.

Prosperity is a hot topic during uncertain times, but it tends to focus attention on money, or the lack of it. The next in the increasingly popular Crystal Prescriptions series, this volume introduces the core processes of harnessing crystals to manifest an abundant life, and release blocks to prosperity. It examines karmic debts, ancestral and familial ingrained attitudes; and how to transmute them. Rather than saying ‘do it this way’, it helps you to sense the energy of crystals, choose the appropriate ones for you and work with them in an interactive process that generates inner security and a real sense of well-being. Crystals for Prosperity also examines what can enrich life in addition to money.

An A-Z crystal directory which includes sections on crystal tools, using specific layouts, and a prosperity crystals compendium.

You Are Not Your Thoughts

The journey to a mindful way of being, for those who want to truly know the power of mindfulness.

We all wish to be more mindful, engaged, present – loving the life we are living, but is this possible and how? You Are Not Your Thoughts: The Secret Magic of Mindfulness makes the journey into a mindful way of being a profoundly simple one, both to understand and to access. It is a book for those who want to truly know the power of mindfulness to transform their experience of life.

'...There are thousands of books out there to help us combat our inner self-destructive voice... if I could go back in time and read only one book on the subject, this is it.'
Joe Pasquale, Comedian and Actor

The Secret of The Alchemist

Colm Holland reveals the story of his encounter with Paulo Coelho and his bestselling book The Alchemist, and how discovering the secret in Paulo’s novel gave him the insights to achieve true empowerment in his life.

In The Secret of The Alchemist, Colm Holland reveals how you can discover the power to miraculously change the world around you beyond all recognition and for the better. Colm will tell you the story of his encounter with Paulo Coelho and his bestselling book The Alchemist and how discovering the secret in Paulo’s novel gave him the insights to achieve true empowerment in his life.

Alchemy is all about transformation and draws upon the greatest power of all to convert seemingly insurmountable obstacles into life changing experiences. Through an honest account of his own, often difficult quest to live life to the full, Colm offers you the chance to draw on his discoveries and other real-life stories to inspire the pursuit of your dreams and reach your goals.

How does he know? As he wrote this book, Colm asked Love to give you, the reader, everything you need to become the alchemist in your world.


The Joy of Caring

Caring is much more than attending in illness and pain. Caring is loving, appreciating, listening, accepting, feeling, being present, embracing, understanding, sharing, accompanying, healing, co-creating. Caring is giving out of joy.

The Joy of Caring explores how we can make our relationships a genuine flow from me to you and between us, releasing masks, guilt and defensive attitudes that separate and exhaust us. It proposes practices that enable us to develop as creative, autonomous and emotionally mature people. To strengthen us and help us live in a more constructive and sociable way. To stop crushing ourselves and let go of the inner dialogue which is desperate and useless.

With her concise and pleasant style, Miriam Subirana looks at the wisdom of caring, ranging from the wise masters of antiquity to our times. Splashing the text with didactic examples, The Joy of Caring accompanies us in all kinds of care: mind, body, heart and spirit; emphasizing the importance of compassion and a contemplative attitude, so that we can enjoy the potential we harbor.

Reduce the heat during sex and enjoy cool sex

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