How do we distinguish between our ancestors ideas of God and close encounters of an ET kind

16/04/21 | By Chris Bell
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How do we distinguish between our ancestors' ideas of God and close encounters of an extra-terrestrial kind?

Escaping from Eden

By Paul Wallis, Author of The Scars of Eden.

Just before Christmas, Brigadier General Haim Eshed, Chief of Israel's Space Security Program for nearly thirty years, claimed that at a covert government level we have been in contact for decades with an "Intergalactic Federation," who are choosing not to self-disclose. Later this year, the US Senate Intelligence Committee will hear briefings from the Pentagon on the very same topic. In my research for THE SCARS OF EDEN I find the very this same claim, hidden in plain sight in the texts of the Bible, in Ancestral Narratives around the globe, and in the experience of witnesses and experts the world over. The language is different, and centuries of translation often obscures it, but the memory of our ancestors is clear, indelibly etched with the scars of ancient contact with other intelligent species.

In the time since I first put my head above the parapet and published on this controversial topic I have been overwhelmed by a constant flow of contact and correspondence from people for whom this question is powerful and personal. Every week, and some weeks every day, I hear from people who have seen things in our historical records or religious texts, or who have been confronted with anomalous experiences, phenomena they cannot process and cannot discuss with friends, family or communities of faith.

My correspondents include police, pastors, PhD’s, people in business, public servants, and a great number of veterans of war. Their experiences have dislodged them from a familiar world and opened up a whole new world of questions and possibilities.

It’s fair to say that many in the Christian mainstream struggle with even the mention of extra-terrestrial species as a possibility, let alone the possibility of contact. So, you can imagine that it was with some trepidation that I sat down one with my parents-in-law one Sunday afternoon, to give them advance notice of the subject matter of my new book.

Kofi and Patience are from Ghana. They are devout Christians of solid Baptist and Pentecostal stock. So I was naturally concerned that what I had to say might prove somewhat challenging to our family dynamic that afternoon!

I opened the pages of the Bible and, as gently as I could, I explained that I believe that centuries of mistranslation have presented as God stories narratives which are in reality stories of contact with extra-terrestrial visitors. I showed how the presence of high technology has been translated out of sight; how an ancient story of genetic modification, colonisation, and abduction has been tweaked and twisted through the ages to turn it into a story of worship and religious devotion.

Escaping from Eden

I explained that embedded in indigenous story around the world are the memories of visits from other civilisations. Some visits were benevolent. Others were abusive and have traumatised us as a species. I pointed in the pages of Genesis 6, to a story echoed all around the world, telling of how our distant ancestors were taken by ET visitors, here to harvest humanity for the benefit of their own gene pool.

It was a lot for them to take in.

Kofi and Patience listened politely, without reaction and without comment. Finally, when I had concluded my presentation, Patience leaned forward and said, “Paul, we already know this story. In Ghana we know what you are talking about. Our ancestors have told these stories for generations.”

Now it was my turn to listen, open-mouthed, as a more personal story emerged. It turns out, our forebears, and friends of our family are included in an unbroken line of generations who have curated strange stories of contact. The conversation propelled me on a voyage around the world. I found the same report in Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Brazil, Haiti; as far east as the Philippines and India. It repeats in Greece, the Nordic Countries, among the Celtic peoples of Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Accounts of Native Americans and Aboriginal Australians echo with the same notes of people from the stars, who came in our distant past, some to nurture, some to despoil, and some to enslave.

But how did my unfolding research relate to my previous thirty-three years of teaching as a priest and pastor? My work as a church-doctor, theological educator and Archdeacon for the Anglican Church in Australia was all rooted in a quite different story of beginnings. So, how can a pillar of the church occupy the strange territory of extra-terrestrial theory? How do these two worlds relate?

As you can imagine, this is a question which has been put to me on countless occasions. The truth is that this other worldview of a populated universe and a wider cosmic family was part of mainstream conversation of Christianity, in the beginning.

5th Kind TV

The process of excluding the records of contact, anathematizing those who saw the evidence of contact in the Bible, along with the banning, burying and burning of textual records; these were a gradual process. Although, as my research continued, I found even in my home town, Canberra, Australia, hard copy of indigenous memory is still being hidden and destroyed to maintain the official story: we are alone in the universe.

Yet in 2020 another reality is emerging. Brigadier General Haim Eshed is only one of a number of credible figures in authority, inviting us to prepare ourselves for a more populated universe than the one we thought we lived in.

At the end of June, the US Senate Intelligence committee will hear briefings from the Pentagon, concerning its examination of materials believed to have been retrieved form “off world vehicles not made on this earth.” This turn of phrase was fashioned by renowned physicist Eric W Davis. The highly respected French physicist, Jacques Vallee, has undertaken some of this analysis and has spoken publicly about it. Eric W Davis has briefed the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program (AATIP) whose secret existence was revealed by Chris Mellon, the former Assistant Secretary of Defence for Presidents Clinton and George W Bush. Paul Hellyer the former Minister of Defence for Canada, Dmitry Medvedev the Russian former Prime Minister and Luis Elizondo the former chair of AATIP, Revd Dr Guy Consolmagno the Senior Astronomer for the Vatican Observatory have all gone on the record in reasserting world-changing claims about our place in the universe.

The Scars of Eden shows that this cosmic claim is truly ages old. Even through centuries of mistranslation it shows through - in the Bible and other ancient texts. It is etched into our cultural memory and our psychology as a species.

If humanity really has confused memories of ET contact with the idea of God, the implications are far-reaching. Unravelling that confusion transforms how we see the universe, how we understand God, and who we believe ourselves to be. If I can persuade you then, like me, you will begin to wonder whether our world mythologies were intended to speak about the past or to explain the present.

How do these narratives speak to the challenges of life in the 21st century? My hope is that The Scars of Eden will whet your appetite to probe our true origins as a species and our true potential as human beings.

The Scars of Eden is available from and from wherever books are sold.


5th Kind TV

Escaping from Eden


G L Davies

Davies is an outstanding writer. His words are flawless, his technique, in this instance an interview, smooth and a pleasure to read.

Susan’s story is a heart-breaking one, and his ability to deliver it with sympathy and empathy is commendable.

Harvest is a must-read for alien, sci-fi, or real-life mystery fans. - Aurealis #139

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