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25/02/21 | By Judy Hall
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The Alchemist

From Judy Hall

Crystal Prescriptions volume 8

Judy Hall

What is prosperity?

Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, and not just money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just a lack of money or things. Eric Butterworth

Crystals have been used for thousands of years as a means to attract abundance. Crystal Prescriptions volume 8 shares how you too can create crystal prosperity for yourself. It looks at what prosperity is and how to attract abundance of all kinds into your life with the assistance of appropriate crystals. I know from a lifetime working with crystals that they amplify, potentise and manifest our deepest desires and act as powerful attractors. You’ll discover what works best for you and how you are going to interact with the magic of crystals. This is a richness you then take into any area of your life.

There have been many pathways mapped out to abundance in recent years. You may have tried the manifestation process and perhaps it hasn’t worked. You’ve put in your cosmic order, tried to uncover The Secret, followed The Law of Attraction and, so far as you can see, your deepest desire hasn’t yet manifested. Or has it and you simply haven’t realised what that deepest desire actually was? Continual blocking may be a sign that there is something fundamentally confused or unwise about what you seek. It may be that there are core beliefs, toxic thoughts, karmic debts or soul intentions that are not in accord with manifesting what you truly need. You may be asking for something is inauspicious for your soul growth. But ineffective manifestation can also be a sign that you are not putting out your request and then letting it go. Fussing and constant worrying block the process, as does deep emotional investment in the outcome, or following someone else’s dream. But this can change!

Judy Hall

‘Prosperity’ tends to focus attention on money, or the lack of it. We worry about future prospects, the ability to support ourselves, finding a job, providing for our old age, attracting abundance and so on. We would be better employed in generating prosperity for ourselves and using our power of intent to enrich our lives. In attracting abundance on all levels and creating an unshakeable sense of well-being and inner enrichment, we are truly wealthy. This doesn’t mean you have to be relentlessly positive; you need to examine your underlying beliefs and acknowledge doubts and fears and then transmute, rather than deny, them. But you always have the choice of taking the positive view.

Crystal potency

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.” Mahatma Gandhi

Crystals are potent tools for prosperity and abundance. With their power of attraction and energy generation, they support and amplify your thoughts, feelings and emotions and attract energy towards you. This means that, when you are working with crystals, you need to be sure that those thoughts, feelings and emotions focus on the positive side of what you want to achieve rather than what you fear might happen or on apparent lack. The same applies if you feel sorry for yourself or feel that the world owes you a living. It is much more productive to believe that you can support yourself in all ways. Be honest with yourself if you do have fears or doubts because you can work with crystals to transmute these into positive feelings and beliefs.

To work at their best, crystals need to be prepared and magnetised. If you ask them specifically to assist in your endeavours, whatever they may be, it avoids any confusion over what a crystal’s role in your life is meant to be. But do not limit them. ‘This or something better’ should be your watchword.

The exercises and layouts in all sections of Crystal Prescriptions volume 8 can be adapted for other issues using the crystals in the Compendium or the A-Z Directory.

Crystal Prescriptions volume 8 is available from and from wherever books are sold.

Judy Hall

Judy Hall

An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer and workshop leader, Judy has been a karmic counsellor for over forty five years and is the author of the million selling Crystal Bibles. Her books have been translated into fifteen languages. Her first novel Torn Clouds was published by (O Books), February 2005. O Books also publish Crystal Prescriptions: the A-Z guide to over 1,200 symptoms and their healing crystals. She was recently voted the Kindred Spirit MBS personality of the year 2014 and has appeared four times on the Watkins MBS list of 100 most spiritually influential living writers.

Judy Hall was named as Kindred Spirit MBS Personality of the Year 2014.



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