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28/07/22 | By Gavin Lee Hill

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By Lyn Birkbeck /www.o-books.com


There are many books on astrology but nearly all of them entail a lot of time, study and expense to actually interpret a whole birth chart. Dynamic Interactive Astrology - Level One is different in that it uses a Keyword system - distilled from the author's forty plus years experience as an astrological consultant and writer - that is used by the reader to make, in a few minutes, Keyphrases for each Planet's Sign and House position in one's birth chart.

One is then enabled - again very swiftly - to access a broader and deeper meaning of these positions/Keyphrases through a series of special Exercises and Questions.This all works on the idea that the individual already has the true nature of their personality installed either in their conscious or unconscious mind. Furthermore, by using this system with and on another person a similar interpretive result is achieved. One can also use this system to gain insights into the lives and personalities of public figures, all of which increases one's ability to read a birth chart.

This 'automatic' quality of this method of chart interpretation is further activated by each Planet being seen to belong to a pair of Planets (and also pairs of certain Points in a birth chart - for example the Ascendant and Descendant). The interaction between these pairs is activated by simple methods that make the user more aware of how these pairs operate in their personal life and in life in general. In fact, all of Dynamic Interactive Astrology - Level One greatly expands one's awareness of what life is about.

Here is an example of what one of these pairs of Planets or Points are and mean - with some of their many Keywords given here in italics.

The Sun and Moon - The Lights

The Sun is the life force. It is the creator of everything in this Solar System. In your birth chart therefore, it represents your spirit, your heart, and what is of central importance to you. The Sun is what is actually giving you vitality. The Sun portrays the nature of your will and purpose in life.

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun, your conscious will, and as such it symbolizes your feeling responses and instincts, and your reactions to life around you. In childhood, before your will had started to become conscious, the fulfilling of your security needs made you totally dependent on others, especially your mother. Consequently, much of your personality became conditioned by the habits and biases of her, and of your family, race, class, etc.

One of these Keywords for the Sun is now selected - initially from a short list of Primary Dynamic Keywords, and later from a fuller list on the Keyword Clouds). This Keyword is then applied to the Sign and House positions of the Sun, using as an example a public figure, namely Oprah Winfrey. (Note that all birth data can be obtained of the Internet, as can birth charts from various websites, including that of the author at no cost).

For Oprah's Sun we could choose from the Primary Dynamic Keywords, the Keyword 'Purpose'. Naturally, when the actual person is selecting, the Keywords chosen (for Planet/Point, Sign and House) will be more appropriate.

So then from Oprah's chart we see that her Sun is in Aquarius, for which we could choose the Keyword 'To Liberate' .

We then note from her chart that she has her Sun in the 5th House, for which we could select the Keyword 'Self-Expression'.

So a Keyphrase for her Sun is:

Purpose to Liberate Self-Expression. This reflects well her actual life mission, as applied to both herself and what she has done, and still does, for other people.

By choosing different Keywords one can obtain different Keyphrases, which give a different slant on this particular dimension of one's personality. These alternatives can be more or less helpful in enlightening the individual.

This Sun Exercise (Exercise 1) now proceeds to the Questions, an example of which is as follows:

A Sun Question - If you were to see yourself as the star in the film that is your own life, how, in the context of your Sun Keyphrase, would you describe such a character and role in dramatic terms? And, possibly more importantly, what would be the narrative arc (the various Scenes and Acts of your life story) – and the point you have got to in your story so far?

We then go on to profiling the Moon (Exercise 2) in one's chart. With our example of Oprah Winfrey we select Keywords that apply to her Moon being in Sagittarius in the 4th House, giving us this possible Keyphrase:

Instinct (Moon) to Develop (Sagittarius) Foundations (4th House).

Oprah Winfrey is well-known for the Oprah Winfrey Foundation and the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation, both of which have helped organizations that serve children, families, and communities.

Next, we proceed to Exercise 3 which is the combining of your Sun and Moon, which is called Profiling the Sun & Moon Blend. Basically this Exercise has one see the Moon as fuel and the Sun as fire. And so the Moon, the unconscious 'you' feeds the conscious 'you'.

By following this Exercise we discover that her Moon Keyphrase, an Instinct to Develop Foundations feeds or drives her Sun Keyphrase, her Purpose to Liberate Self-Expression.

All this has the effect of informing and/or affirming the individual's identity - sometimes in a quite visceral way.

We then reverse the process and see how the Sun (fire) Vitalizes or Shines Upon and Satisfies her Moon, giving us: Life-Force (an alternative Sun Keyword) to Liberate Self-Expression Vitalizes or Shines upon and Satisfies her Need (alternative Moon Keyword) to Develop Foundations.

In effect, the Sun and Moon Blend reveals and activates a dimension of the personality that could be seen to be operating as a self-propelling engine, with DIA being the 'ignition'.

And so, in a similar fashion, and with equally effective results, we go on to Profile all the Planet and Point pairs, which are as follows

Mercury & Uranus – The Links (Exercises 4-6)

Venus & Neptune – The Lovers (Exercises 7-9)

Mars & Pluto – The Forces (Exercises 10-12)

Jupiter & Saturn – The Management (Exercises 13-15)

Ascendant/Descendant & Midheaven/Lower Midheaven – The Cross You Bear (Exercises 16-17)

The Lunar Nodes – The Trends (Exercise 18)

The Takeaways

These are simply seen in this small sampling of the endorsements, "what people are saying about Dynamic Interactive Astrology":

This system for understanding astrology changed my life. Dynamic Interactive Astrology made the subject remarkably easy to grasp, while providing many layers of depth for understanding myself better.

What I love the most is the depth and breadth of insight contained in just one single sentence.

It is an incredibly speedy way to learn and get to grips with the fundamentals of astrology, i.e. the planets, the signs and houses. The method is immediately engaging and creative. You can come back to it time and again and get deeper insights.

As an absolute novice, I found the interactive element an excellent way to embed the learning and to engage deeply with the subject matter rather than just read about it.

DYNAMIC INTERACTIVE ASTROLOGY By Lyn Birkbeck is available from www.o-books.com and from wherever books are sold.






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