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Essential Ethics and Moral Philosophy Reading

O books author spotlight. William Ferraiolo​​ author of Meditations on Self-Discipline and Failure​.

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For ALL anxiety sufferers READ THIS

Anxiety is more common than we think If the above sounds familiar, you are not alone. It is anxiety. Today, nearly 300 million people worldwide are suffering from an anxiety disorder.

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Healing emotional pain by rewiring the brain

Emotional Repatterning, is to deepen our understanding of the mind – the patterns of thinking and deep-seated beliefs – that keep us feeling stuck and unhappy, so that we can learn to change it: change both our thinking at the conscious level and our beliefs at the subconscious level.

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Finding Zen in the Ordinary

Finding Zen in the Ordinary is grounded in Zen practice, but is not about Zen. It the Zen of life unfolding. It unfolds the mystery of a life being lived.

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Emmy award winning Hollywood producer films UFO

Friedberg commenced in setting up a camera with a long lens to see if he could identify what the unidentified object was. He was surprised that in the cloud was a metallic object.

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Hollywood producers experience with NDEs UFOs and Shamanism

Lionel Friedberg's career has exposed him to the extraordinary wonders of our planet and many unforgettable personalities from maverick scientists to politicians, entertainers and people who survived near-death experiences.

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READING for a BETTER YOU in 2021

There is no better time to focus on your goals and personal development in 2021. With our books, you will find answers and motivation for learning to love yourself, love others, attract wealth and happiness, and maybe learn a secret along the way!

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Most Empowering book of the year winner

Ancient Teachings for Modern Times wins Soul & Spirit Magazine's 'Most Empowering Book' award

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M.E. Myself and I Diary of a Psychic

A road accident left Nicky Alan in agonising pain, but a diagnosis of M.E. and fibromyalgia and subsequent depression led her to rediscovering herself with more strength than ever before

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The place we go when we die and its beautiful

One minute I was lying in the emergency department surrounded by doctors, the next minute I opened my eyes and found myself floating in deep space surrounded by an infinite sea of stars, with loving Beings of Light stood either side of me and a wondrous tunnel of white light slowly revolving at my feet

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The truth about Alien abduction

In 2009 one woman from Pembrokeshire believed she was abducted by aliens. What followed was a terrifying ordeal of alien visitation, nightmarish visions, encounters with terrifying creatures, a connection to the past and a prophecy of destruction on the scale never seen in Pembrokeshire's peaceful history. Should these events be true, then no one is safe? The harvest has begun…

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