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How do we distinguish between our ancestors ideas of God and close encounters of an ET kind

Do our world mythologies convey our ancestors' ideas about God? Or are they in reality ancestral memories of extra-terrestrial contact? How do ancient stories of contact, adaptation and abduction relate to people's experiences around the world today?

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Unveiling hidden accounts of James the brother of Jesus

Many theological scholars regard James as the unsung hero of Christianity

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Did Unicorns actually exist...

The unicorn? You must be bonkers. That’s not even a real animal. Actually, let’s agree to disagree. While many thought leaders in the modern world reject the unicorn’s existence, that certainly wasn’t always the case.

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What if The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho holds a secret magic to change your life forever...

Colm Holland reveals the story of his encounter with Paulo Coelho and his bestselling book The Alchemist, and how discovering the secret in Paulo’s novel gave him the insights to achieve true empowerment in his life.

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If you knew a book was haunted would you read it Haunted book causing concern

Would you still go and read it because you wanted to see or feel something of a paranormal nature?

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Who was Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene has been an enigmatic figure. She was shrouded in mystery. Until now!!

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What if there is nothing to change or fix in ourselves

This book offers a radically different perspective. Namely that the task of therapy and the essence of mindfulness is to remind people of their true nature – of the being before the influence of the personal story.

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Take a look at your life and what do you see betrayals and humilation hope is here

But look more closely - and then step back - and maybe you can start to see how even those very jagged, upsetting fragments might fit together, work together, like a mosaic. Help you see your life more clearly, meaningfully, warts and all! A bit like looking down at the earth from the moon and seeing your life all at once

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