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Earth Books are practical, scientific and philosophical publications about our relationship with the environment. Earth Books explore sustainable ways of living; including green parenting, gardening, cooking and natural building, and all manner of diet and lifestyle insights, so if you're looking for inspiration you can apply to your life, to enable you to live in greener and more sustainable ways, Earth Books has many titles that will suit you.

Other Earth Books titles take a more theoretical approach, looking at ecology, conservation and aspects of environmental science, including green energy. When it comes to navigating political debates, deciding how to vote, what to support and what to challenge, these insights can really help us figure out how we want to place ourselves in the debates.

An understanding of the interdependence of all living things is central to Earth Books, and therefore consideration of our relationship with other animals is important. Animal welfare is explored from a number of perspectives in different titles. 'Self as Planet' is one earth books title that sums up the ethos very well.

The purpose of Earth Books is to deepen our understanding of the environment and our role within it. The books featured under this imprint will both present thought-provoking questions and offer practical solutions for readers who aren't afraid to be challenged and who are open to real change.

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