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moderndaysellingMany of you may have enjoyed the benefits of my first book titled Modern Day Selling. It was designed to help sales associates unlock their hidden potential and reconnect with their customers. As the world had evolved the styles and concepts of sales training were unable to keep up with such a changing environment. Thus we entered the era of greed, manipulation and bad sales tactics to try and gain an advantage over our customers and our competition. This has lead to a generation of sales associates who are leading unfulfilling sales career and are struggling to find lasting success. By exposing this great error in judgment with the truth, sales associates were given the keys to unlock their hidden potential. It was now time for the Modern Day sales professional to be born.

Through the many blessings that I have received from Modern Day Selling I have been able to become more connected with the retail sales community. No longer was my message being catered solely towards the jewelry industry. The retail industry as a whole embraced the truths that were discovered in Modern Day Selling. As avenues began to open throughout the retail world, my message began to really connect with people. These avenues lead to many opportunities to visit stores and impact their environments in a meaningful way. It was through these visits that I was able to see a pattern of need and desperation. There was something else that was hindering these stores from finding greatness.

It became very clear and evident that many of the stores in the retail world today had become disconnected. Through many years of neglect, the bond of trust and communication between owners and sales associates had slowly disappeared. There was now a great divide between the two and nobody knew how to reconnect. In a sense, it was like a modern day civil war was taking place within these stores. Somehow they had forgotten that they were once a team and a family. With this great disconnect arose many confrontations, hurt feelings and bitterness. Most of the power remained on the side of the owners, but without their sales associates on board they were powerless to grow and flourish. So, sales staff came, and went, but nothing really changed. There was always conflict, stress and discon- nection. Something had to change!

This is how the birth of The Modern Day Store came to life. Having spent 18 years in the retail industry I had seen both sides of the fences equally. I had nine years experience as a head manager and nine years experience as an elite sale professional. I know the issues that both sides hold against each other. I have felt the power struggles that take place within our stores and the feelings of bitterness and un-appreciation. Therefore, I feel that it is my calling, and duty, to expose the chaos within our stores and bring to light the truth again to help lead the way to newfound freedoms as a unified team.

throughout this book you will find many great truths that will lead you to reconnecting your store and impacting its environment in a powerful way. No longer must you suffer through years of strife, conflict and disconnection. Today is your defining moment that will awaken within you a righteous fire to take back what has been stolen from you. Your store was not created or designed to live in defeat, suppression and division. You created your store with a vision of success, harmony and greatness in mind. It is my honor to share with you some fresh insight into where we went wrong and show you precisely how to fix it. With your leadership leading the way, and these great truths, you will be given the keys to unlock many treasures that have been hidden from you for far too long.

Sales associates, through this book you will find many great truths that will liberate you from your oppression and self-defeat. You have a purpose and meaning within your store to be a difference maker. No longer must you feel insignificant, powerless or defeated. Today is your defining moment that will awaken within you a righteous fire to claim what was once yours. You were hired to bring passion and energy to the store and be successful while impacting your customers’ lives in a meaningful way. Modern Day Selling was your road map to help you find new lasting success with your customers. Now it is your turn to do your part and help unify your store. Once you achieve this, nothing can stop you from living your dreams and fulfilling your every desire.store

Once a store becomes united it will find unlimited new successes together. The benefits of creating a unified store will be unending. Having been reconnected it will then be time to move forth together as a team and tackle many of the real issues that plague our stores today. It is here that you will be given a clear road map that will lead you to your destination of creating the Modern Day Store. Your environment will soon become a beacon of light that will draw in customers from far away. Your store will become a refuge from this crazy world where people will flock to feel the atmosphere that you have created. Your store will then give life and truth back to the world.

Finally, you will be given fresh insight on how to maintain this blessed environment. Once you have achieved this newfound success there will be a time of testing that you must be prepared for. The unrelenting enemies that used to operate within your store will always try to find their way back in using deception and disruptions. I will show you exactly what to watch for and how to overcome and endure your time of testing. You and your staff will now become warriors with the latest technology and weaponry to defend yourselves and your store environment. Never again will your stores have to suffer or be divided for you will hold the truths that shield you.

If you are tired of fighting the same old battles over and over I encourage you to open your heart and mind to the insight that you will be receiving this day. Whether you are an owner or a sales associate who has lost their way, this is the answer to your many years of prayers. All the meaningless years of turmoil will be exposed and you will be shown a clear path to exit your misery. Not only will my message impact your store but it will impact your life in a way that will bring about true and lasting change


coverThe Modern Day Store - Becoming a Unified Store

ISBN: 978-1-78099-743-8, $16.95 / £9.99, paperback, 128pp

EISBN: 978-1-78099-742-1, $9.99 / £6.99, eBook

In many of today's retail stores it is evident that there is a disconnection between owners and sales associates. Through the trials and pressures of business life the lines of communication and a once unified team have slowly disappeared. This has led to many of the issues that we find in today's retail store environment. The Modern Day Store is a detailed road map designed to expose these issues and bring about the process of creating a unified store. Once unified, the Modern Day Store will bring about many new found successes and freedoms that will set the standard for many years to come.

Having 17 years' experience in the jewelry sales industry, Brian Barfield combined his sales and management skills to create  Modern Day Selling (Business Books 2012) and The Modern Day Store (Business Books 2013). He presents his concepts on the national stage and writes several monthly columns in trade publications. He lives in Florida, USA.

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