Pandeism: An Anthology of the Creative Mind

04/06/19 | By Sarah-Beth Watkins
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Following on from Pandeism: An Anthology this new volume Pandeism: An Anthology of the Creative Mind brings you three returning authors and a dozen new ones, including renowned physicist and theologian Varadaraja V. Raman, communications professor and poet John Ross, Jr., mixed martial artist turned musician Jimmy "Ninja" Chaikong, Judaism blogger Roger Price, and mythohistorian Julian West.

The theme of this volume is the creativity of the human mind - in art, in poetry, in recasting historical events in mythological terms, in film and television, and, indeed, in prose theological writing.

A creative mind is a fire which gives light to the head, warmth to the heart, and nourishment to the soul, and we are blessed to present talents sufficient to fuel many a conversation to come. Indeed, perhaps the creativity of the human mind is a flickering echo of a greater mind which we all occupy.

Praise for Knujon Mapson: Few readers will have heard of the term 'pandeism', the proposition that the Creator of our Universe created by becoming our Universe, but this extensive anthology fills the gap. There are many good analytical essays in this volume. A stimulating collection articulating an interesting viewpoint. David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer


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