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Other Than Mother - Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind - by Kamalamani is a book about the powerful implications of  voluntary or intentional childlessness.

"I found this book a useful guide to life in general, of living together with all sentient beings, including the Earth herself, in harmony and compassion, helping to create a fairer world and healthier planet, even though Kamalamani points out in the introduction to 'Other than Mother' that it is primarily a text for those weighing up the pros and cons of deciding whether or not to have children. Kamalamani, who decided long ago not to bear children herself for various reasons takes us, sometimes painstakingly, through the minutiae of her decision so that we may be informed of nuances of making such a choice. As part of the wider view, she also brings into question cultural attitudes towards women in general and seeks to reclaim what are considered 'natural' lifestyle choices, advocating validity and a full and rich existence with or without children. Refreshingly, she talks of the realm of not having children as a positive thing and challenges the notion of Womanhood equaling Motherhood along with a wish for open dialogue between those that are parents and those that aren't, so that the wealth of experience of both can be heard wholeheartedly. She helps us to get to know the 'Worldly Winds', the pains and pleasures that blow through all of of our lives, in a way that graces us with a deeper experience of life on Earth." ~ Cheryl Tipple, 'She Who Knows' magazine




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