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master_visualWant to write a non-fiction book?

We see lots of submissions where the author has great ideas, but hasn’t thought much about how to present them, who the readers might be or what they might want from a book. This often leads to rambling books, with too much autobiography and not enough focus. Lots of non-fiction readers love experiential writing, but writing from experience is not the same as telling your life story.

The linear tale of your experiences is very seldom the right structure for a good non-fiction book. It’s better when thoughts, research, observations and experiences are structured into chapters that deal with subjects in a logical fashion. Think about what your readers will find helpful, what they need to know, and how best to present it to them. If your wisdom is buried under layers of irrelevant personal detail, your book won’t have any punch, and the odds are it won’t get picked up.


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