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coverWant to write a non-fiction book?

Why not start a blog? Lots of people have ideas for books, but that’s not the same as having the means to deliver a great book on that subject.

Writing a blog gives you time to develop your ideas and improve your writing skills. While you’re writing a blog, you can build an audience. Publishers are much more interested in authors who already have a following, a brand identity and who know how to attract readers. Blogging will give you this. You’ll also learn a lot from interacting with an audience. You’ll find out where your ideas are original, and where they aren’t, and what kind of people your work appeals to, and this will all help you when it comes to writing, and pitching a book.

Writing can be a very lonely business, and lonely people get demoralised. Many books are started only to be left unfinished by an author who just can’t keep slogging away at it. Bloggers, by comparison, get instant feedback, the encouragement of building a following, and have much more incentive to write. It’s far easier to write books once you’re in the habit of writing.

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