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JHP Non-Fiction has released some great titles this year. Just the kind of books you might want to add to your Christmas wish list! Here's a selection to give you food for thought over the festive season.

To recover from ecological disaster, we humans must transform the sense of who we are in relation to the Earth. In Search of Grace is the story of an ecological pilgrimage undertaken by the author in his small yacht, Coral, from the south of England and round the west coast of Ireland, to the far north of Scotland. It explores themes of pilgrimage: the overall pattern of separation from the everyday, venturing forth, and returning home. It tells of meeting wildlife, visiting sacred places, confronting danger, expanding and deepening the experience of time, of silence and of fragility. Available at Amazon UK and Amazon US


Professor Ivelin Sardamov draws on key findings in neuroscience to explain the waning interest in and knowledge of complex social issues in the United States and around the world. Attributing this trend primarily to the effects of information overload, ubiquitous screens and constant access to the internet, Sardamov argues that chronic over-stimulation generated by the current sociotechnological environment fosters addictive tendencies in today's young people. Availble at Amazon UK and Amazon US


Basics First introduces an innovative way of thinking about money. Sema and Manu Dube argue that we do away with regulations, allow people to travel wherever they want and trade freely. Simple enough, but trade will never be free if one party cannot walk away because to do so would threaten their survival. This book aims to be a seed for a discussion where everyone can participate, by showing that it could be possible to change our systems for the better if we focus on the basics first. It is all about money. About how we choose to define it. Available from Amazon UK and Amazon US

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