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26/02/20 | By Trevor Greenfield
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Thor is coming to Moon Books. I could tell you it's a great book, but instead I'll just let you see what our NetGalley reviewers think of it...

Very informative. I absolutely loved knowing more about Thor....and I mean the real Thor not Disney or Marvel's Thor. If you have any interest in mythology or gods this is the book!

This is a great introduction to the God Thor. There are many references to him in modern culture, but he has a great history. The author does a wonderful job including the history along with attributes of the modern deity. I like her description of his description as misunderstood or underestimated. She also includes mentions of the Prose Edda, the Poetic and the Sagas which reference Thor. Most people only know of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, but many are not aware of his other symbols: his belt, staff, and gloves. She also shows ways to honor Thor, including prayers along with a guided meditation to meet him.

Pagan Portals: Thor is an amazing introduction to a deity that does not get his just due in modern heathenry. Morgan Daimler’s outstanding research, easy writing style and ability to convey her own personal experiences create a portrait of Thor that the newbie and the veteran can take into their own practice and launch a relationship with the God of Thunder. Morgan presents the Wielder of Mjolnir as he should be seen in a polytheist worldview, a complex individual full of contradictions yet striving to be a better individual and protecting those he holds dear. Honorable actions define heathenry at its foundation, Morgan brings that out in Thor in easy language through her meticulous research and I suspect this is one major reason Thor was such a popular deity in the past and should be in the present. Morgan is a gifted writer, teacher, and lecturer her work in the Pagan Portals series is invaluable to any person starting a reconstructionist pagan path. Having heard her lectures and witnessed her attention to scholarship, I highly recommend all of her works!

It wasn’t hard to decide to choose this new offering from Morgan Daimler. I have previously read other books from this author and have found her writing to be very accessible. My knowledge of the pagan world is limited, and other books in this genre felt heavy and cumbersome. I found Pagan Portals – Thor to be a great introduction to the Norse God of Thunder. Like many others, my knowledge of Thor is heavily tainted by the modern versions of him (comic books, movies) and I was happy to find a book that would educate as well as entertain. No matter what your religious beliefs, she is respectful of them. Her sources include both Norse and Germanic cultures and she has included a wide range of scholars and others in order to provide a solid base of understanding.

Ms. Daimler provides plenty of stories and legends, all in easy-to-read English (there is no struggling to decipher an ancient collection of verses filled with heavy dialect). Pagan Portals – Thor accomplishes what it set out to do, which is to give the reader an introduction to the world of Thor. It is not meant to be a complete book about Thor; rather, it covers many different topics and then offers more material for us to pursue. The information has plenty of footnotes to back up the author’s research. Along with the Bibliography, Ms. Daimler offers books and websites for us to continue our education. Even more fun are the musical recommendations (it’s metal, so if you are not a fan, you probably want to skip those). This is a quick read that is certain to dispel some of the beliefs you have about Thor.

I had not previously read anything by Morgan Daimler but, having been active in pagan communities for over a decade I had come across the name many times. While I am not involved in heathenry I have always been interested in Scandinavia and Norse mythology so I was excited to see this book available for review. Pagan Portals – Thor is an excellent source for anyone starting to explore heathenry as both a modern and ancient practice. The writing is easy to understand and follow but flows very well. Daimler is able to cover a wide range of topics in very few words and provides a diverse bibliography so that readers can choose which direction to go next. The text itself is also full of recommendations from the author on how to learn more about certain topics. I greatly appreciated the author's willingness to discuss the flaws in source material and the inconsistencies that exist in many of the surviving myths and legends. The inclusion of both academic sources and anecdotes from many different cultures provides the reader with a more complete view of the god Thor as he was and as he is today. I am happy to have had the opportunity to read and review this book and look forward to reading more by Morgan Daimler and on the topic of Thor.

A great introduction by the hand of a great author. I admire Morgan and how complex things become simple and easy to understand when their name is involved. Amazing.

Thor is one of my favorite Myths and favorite Avengers and knowing what his entire existence was like including children and fighting battles was so breathtaking to glimpse. I learned so much from this book that it sparked my curiosity on Norse Mythology just the same way Wonder Woman did on Greek Mythology. I was in awe and shock on the material Morgan Daimler presented in the book that I almost stopped breathing and had to continue. My favorite sections was how he interacted with his children and definitely his relationship and interaction with Loki. I know a lot of our readers are fans of Thor in the Avengers and will be very curious to read more about him and the god qualities he possesses. We will consider adding this title to our Religion and Spirituality collection at our library.

This was a solid beginner's read about Thor. The author, Morgan Daimler, also makes opinion vs interpretation vs fact clear when talking about Thor in history as well as religion and pop culture. Daimler makes a strong case for looking beyond popular interpretation of Thor, which is still valuable, but doesn't encompass all that Thor is. I appreciated that she went into a little detail about how Thor spread from the Vikings to Scotland and even Ireland, which isn't well-known. Daimler nailed the conversational tone and the book is very accessible for readers of all kinds. Well done.

Pagan Portals - Thor was a great, concise introduction to the mythology and history that relates to the god known as Thor. I felt like Morgan Daimler did a fantastic job at describing the different aspects of Thor, such as him being a deity for the common people, and she was very thorough at referencing the resources she used for her information. Any reader who would like to incorporate Thor in their spiritual practice has a good base to go off of from this book and will easily know where to find further information for more in depth knowledge about him. I would be happy to read more books both in the Pagan Portals series and by this author based off of my experience reading this book.

I have always been interested in the Norse tradition. What I learned in this book was that Thor was also found in folklore from England and Germany. There is a large reference list of places to find more information on Thor. This is a great book for anyone that is also interested in learning more about it.

I love the Pagan Portals books. I love a little book that’s easily readable in one sitting that’s still chock full of information. I have been wanting to read more about Thor and my Norse heritage so when this book came up for review I was ecstatic. As usual this book didn’t disappoint. I have already preordered the next books in the series!

Pagan Portals - Thor by Morgan Daimler


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