The Seduction of Eve – Scott Irvine

04/11/21 | By MR SCOTT IRVINE

The Seduction of Eve – Scott Irvine

To save the Earth from destruction, we need to understand the purpose of the mind, our consciousness, our awareness of the world around us and our purpose in it. The Anunnaki priests understood the human mind and how susceptible it was to the power of suggestion. Archaeologists are beginning to discover that Neanderthal were aware of a guiding energy that came from within themselves when they appeared in Africa around 300,000 years ago. Their outer animal desires and inner natural instincts allowed an earth spirit to reside within the mind and guide their actions. In philosophical terms, we call this early earth spirit ‘Lilith’, derived from an Assyrian Mother Goddess called Lilu or Lili, a natural force that guided human actions, giving the mind a sense of purpose and a true awareness of the world around them. This Lilith consciousness connected Neanderthal to the earth spirits, the unseen powers that pervade through nature.

The purpose of mind is to give humanity the understanding of moral and spiritual values by giving the brain the ability to think subjectively and communicate rationally with other minds. In other words, the body, under the guidance of the Lilith mind was under the command of the earth goddess and the force that was behind all of our sensations, feelings and thoughts that drove our actions. Lilith is a subtle spirit of refined feminine energy that radiates through the masculine physical body forming a ‘sphere of sensation’. The space between the physical body and the outer boundary of the ‘sphere of sensation’ is occupied by the ether of the astral world. It is the substance that gives life to anything we can imagine. The earth goddess soul gave Neanderthal an awareness of the earth-based spirit giving them an understanding of the cosmic dance between Father Sun and Mother Earth. It gave our early ancestors a focus, not only on the workings of the physical world but also an understanding into the invisible realm of the spirit, which to them was as real as the ground they stood on. Neanderthal drew their strength from the earth spirit in the knowledge it gave nourishment to everything in the land that required it. They also had a belief of an afterlife where their inner spirit would travel to at the death of the body.

200,000 years after the first Neanderthal, modern humans, Homo sapiens arrived into the world. Their mind and consciousness was expanded to incorporate the cosmic spirit of the Shekinah, the feminine spark of God that permeates everything that exists. She is the force that connects humanity to the stars. When Shekinah joined with Lilith in the mind, Eve was created as a spiritual palace, a realm where the two goddesses were connected as one powerful consciousness energy. Shekinah is a spirit of heaven who is in direct contact with God and the highest aspect of the human consciousness that is based in universal love. It is her aim to guide the human race towards its full potential as human beings; she is the inspiration within us all. Shekinah is the gateway to the higher spiritual realms and the uppermost reach of the human mind, whereas Lilith sits at the gateway to the physical world, just above the animal instincts that dwell in the cellar of the spiritual palace. Shekinah is under the influence of God and commonly seen as his wife/consort and is the source of the inspirations of life.

Nothing can happen on Earth until God brings it into existence. The purpose of Shekinah is to achieve the divine union between humanity and God. She ensures the balance between the light and dark forces of the spirit and physical realms that gives life to the human drive, keeping it in harmony with the rest of the universe. Shekinah was also in direct contact with Lilith, relaying important knowledge and information from the higher realm so the lower self could direct the brain towards harmony with Mother Earth.

Lucifer, the ‘Light Bringer’, like Lilith and Shekinah is a Hebrew concept developed during their exile in Babylon between 587 and 539BCE.Represented as the Serpent, (also the symbol of the Anunnaki Lord of the Earth, Enki), Lucifer caused humanity to lose direct contact with Shekinah and our connection with God. The Mother Goddess became hidden in the subconscious mind leaving the earthly Lilith as the only consciousness the human mind was aware of. How on Earth could this have happened?

Lucifer desired to experience the wonder of the human mind, to understand human emotions and feelings for himself, so set about working his way into the human consciousness by introducing himself to the goddesses residing in the palace of Eve. Lucifer promised them that they could be like God and know all the knowledge that God knew. Shekinah already knew God and his thoughts and told the ‘Serpent’ to go away. Lilith on the other hand only knew of God through what Shekinah told her and was very tempted with what Lucifer was offering. Lucifer put the pressure on the naïve Lilith, offering her all kinds of fruit from the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ until she succumbed and allowed the old trickster into the human mind. She had no intention of allowing him to stay, but once he was in, Lucifer refused to leave and set up camp between the two goddesses. Building a barricade between Shekinah and Lilith, Lucifer began controlling the flow of information between the higher and lower parts of the mind and in doing so took control of the human mind. Lucifer changed all things by illuminating everything the physical world had to offer. He showed Lilith the possibilities that were open to her in the material realm.

Humanity were still connected to the earth spirit but quickly began to ignore them in favour of their new self-awareness and free will. They felt they did not need the spiritual world when the mind began to explore the mysteries and potential of the new ‘real’ world of Lucifer. Humanity had lost the awareness of the universal stream of life entering the subconscious higher self and held back from reaching Lilith by Lucifer. The Serpent found it easy to enchant the lazy human mind with thoughts of personal pride and the idea of standing out from their peers. The new consciousness gave humanity drive and an urge to better themselves but at a cost of fear and anger, hurt, sorrow, anxiety and self-pity.

In philosophical terms, Lucifer represents the Ego of which personality is an expression. His demons will always separate humanity from their higher selves and to try and maintain that division, allowing Lucifer to guide humanity to his will for his own personal gain. The unity of the universe had been separated into a world of unbalanced polarities, each fighting for domination over the other, creating conflict and dis-ease within the mind and body that plays out in the outer world around them. An illusion was created that physical life was our true purpose, the real world, and the spiritual realm was only the domain of the gods and priests that served them. The mind has been manipulated by an energy that only works to ensure its own survival by generating the responses necessary to produce the negative emotions that empower it.

Without a mind free from preconceived ideas, we cannot penetrate reality or fulfil our true potential.

Ishtar and Ereshkigal by Scott Irvine


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