Persephone: Practicing the Art of Personal Power

07/04/20 | By Trevor Greenfield
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Persephone: Practicing the Art of Personal Power ~ Robin Corak… Embark upon a powerful journey with Persephone, Queen of the Underworld and Goddess of Spring, as she helps you to discover your personal power and take control of your life.

Whether you have worked with Persephone for years or are just coming to explore a relationship with this Goddess now, Persephone: Practicing the Art of Personal Power is a guide that highlights all the significant signposts and compelling stops along the journey. Tiffany Lazic

Emerging from the Underworld and revealing Her glory both in Darkness and in Light, the mysteries of Persephone come alive in Robin Corak's fantastic addition to Moon Books' Pagan Portals series. Equal parts research and devotion, mythos and psychology, Persephone: Practicing the Art of Personal Power is as juicy as a pomegranate, and its yield is just as bountiful. A short volume by design, the book nevertheless delves deeply into Persephone's mythos, and lays out a full harvest of tools and workings for modern-day practitioners who wish to enter into relationship with Kore of the Flowering Spring, who is also Queen of the Underworld and a central figure in the Eleusinian Mysteries. A dazzling array of offerings can be found in these pages: ritual, divination, inner journeys, journaling prompts, and even instructions for putting together a ceremonial feast in honor of Persephone. There is something for everyone in this book, which will be of interest to long-standing devotees of Persephone as well as those feeling newly-called to work with this powerful Goddess who helps us to walk a path of empowerment. Jhenah Telyndru

Persephone: Practicing the Art of Personal Power explores an often-overlooked aspect of Pagan practice and life itself. We speak of Love and Light, but Persephone herself embodies Love and Darkness - finding her own power, seeking her deep truths, and so teaching others in turn. We all face challenges, but Persephone asks us to see them (and ourselves) from a new perspective. Like Her, you will return from this book changed, and definitely for the better. Please do seek it out. Cat Treadwell

In my own rites of passage work with women Persephone is a powerful ally, so I was excited to learn about this book. After we make our journey to the Underworld, our soul and human life forever straddle two worlds. We step into our power and reclaim personal sovereignty – the subject of this powerful book. The paradox is that we can bring things to light only by making the journey into the deepest darkness of the unknown, of death and dismemberment. Not just that, we must we commit to making this journey over and over if we are to continue peeling away the layers of our own shadow and unveil our authentic or true self. In Persephone: The Art of Personal Power, Robin Corak shows us the way as an initiate! Imelda Almqvist

This book is divine perfection! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Finally, a perspective that's based on Persephone only! It was honestly refreshing to see a book that finally resonates with my perspective on Persephone as well. I love that the author acknowledges different perspectives on the story of Persephone, not to mention you can see that it is well researched. and sees her as the victor and not the victim. I also appreciate the meditations she offered inside the book. My only con is that I wish the cover was different. But I will purchase this book. Chan Thompson

This book is wonderful in that it takes you on a journey to meet the Goddess and learn about yourself at the same time. Anyone interested in Greek myth or wanting to reclaim a part of themselves they feel is missing, will find this book a treasure trove of ideas and practical methods. Food ideas, celebrations, and ritual are given for the seeker to follow. Really a well thought out way to use myth to be more grounded and alive. Patrick Carmen

I relate very strongly to Persephone and loved the author’s own personal journey with this goddess. At the end of each chapter journal prompts were included and some guided meditations and rituals were also included as additional exercises. I absolutely loved this book and I believe working with Persephone and her mythos can offer many rewards, but most importantly, autonomy and greater self-awareness. Tanja Flanjak

A much more thorough book than its mere 9 chapters implies. Persephone, practicing the art of personal power combines examining the myth of Persephone, ancient Greek history and rituals and encourages the reader to reflect on their own personal journey by resonating with Persephone s tale... In my personal opinion, this is a very deep yet fascinating book that requires a lot of time to fully process and enjoy. It is educational yet self-exploratory, not recommended for someone who would just be wanting to know more about the myth but a fantastic aid for those wishing to heal with the help of a goddess by their side. Lorraine Elgar

Persephone: Practicing the Art of Personal Power ~ Robin Corak


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