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Magical food: Oranges and lemons


(Citrus × sinensis)

The orange coloured citrus fruit, you know the one.

The orange is a fruit of the sun, a fruit of love and happiness and a fruit with an enlightening and uplifting scent.

During the 19th Century to give a gift of an orange was thought to be generous and thoughtful.  (Just for the record I prefer gifts of chocolate).

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The orange is good for purifying the mind, body and spirit.  Orange juice makes a good ritual drink and orange peel makes a good herbal tea to help bring about clarity and energy.

Dried orange peel also works well in incense blends to represent the energy of the sun but doesn’t smell particularly good when burnt, try dropping a few orange peels into an oil burner with a base oil to release the scent.

Oranges are sacred to the god of earth and air, Enlil.

Orange water can be used to flavour dishes especially if you are entertaining a loved one.  Bathe in orange


water to attract a marriage candidate.

Set out orange water as an offering to the deities Hera and Juno for marriage and fidelity.

Orange Magical Properties:

Love, happiness, uplifting, generosity, purification, clarity, energy, fidelity

Ruling planet – Sun

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine



(Citrus x lemon)

magical food, rachel patterson

These little bright yellow fruits are sacred to the moon and bring with them her beautiful powers but I also think that the colour of the fruit brings the happiness of the sun’s energy too.

The acidic taste of lemon juice means it works very well magically for purification but the scent is also very uplifting and is said to help with decision making.

Lemon juice works well as an asperge or in a ritual bath.  The leaves of a lemon tr


ee or dried lemon peel can be added to incense blends, bath water, spiritual washes or medicine bags.

The flowers of the lemon tree and lemon rind work well in love magic.

Lemon pie apparently brings with it fidelity and offering a slice of lemon to a stranger will guarantee their friendship.

Lemon can also be used to provide protection – whether you make up a witches bottle containing lemon peel or just throw the fruit at an intruder…because if you hit them it would certainly sting…

You could also stick a lemon with coloured pins and hang it in the house to bring blessings.  Or stick nine iron nails into a lemon and tie it with red thread and hang beside your front door to ward away evil.

Lemon Magical Properties:

Purification, moon magic, happiness, decisions, uplifting, love, protection, friendship, fidelity

Ruling planet – Moon

Element – Water

Gender – Feminine



From A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Food



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