Keeping Her Keys... An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft

12/03/20 | By Trevor Greenfield
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Keeping Her Keys... An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft by Cyndi Brannen is Moon Books fastest selling book this year. if you want to know why then check out the opinion of some of our reviewers...

Through keeping one foot firmly planted in historical pagan context and one foot in modern witchcraft, Brannen presents something very special with this work – a relationship to Hekate that is alive, evolving, and approachable. Mat Auryn

This is a great little handbook for aspiring witches. Sarah Stewart

I was actually surprised by this book. I mean this in a very good way. The book is more of a course and set up with exercises and inner journey work. It makes the material more personal and accessible. I would love more books set up in this fashion also devoted to a particular Goddess. I personally don’t exclusively work with one Deity, but I like to learn about them. This has really sparked my desire to spend more time with each Goddess and find what suits me or that I aspire to emulate. I highly recommend Keeping Her Keys if you have any interest of Hecate or want to learn and enrich your own practice. Angelica Bill

Cyndi Brannen's years of experience and breadth of knowledge extend to each page of this amazing book! This book is essential in any collection seeking to understand the multi-faceted Goddess that is Hekate and her Modern witchcraft. The lessons in this book provide extensive opportunities for self-development and personal growth. Following the path - the framework - created by Cyndi Brannen can create radical change in your life. If you are ready to not only learn effective, meaningful witchcraft but also deepen your relationship with yourself and Hekate... this is absolutely the book for you! Laura Ingersoll

Keeping Her Keys is an excellent introduction to modern Hekatean witchcraft. Informed by historical sources, Brannen has created a thoroughly practical and accessible course for today's reader. A skilled educator, Brannen uses clear, concise prose to convey ideas and vivid poetry to enhance emotional connection. As the reader progresses through the book, they are given exercises and techniques to incorporate the concepts into their daily lives. If you are curious about what relevance an ancient Grecian Goddess may have in the 21st century, I highly recommend this book. Gwen Armshaw

This is a beautifully written, well researched and presented book perfect for those who want to learn more about Hekate or/and thinking about deepening their relationship with Her. The author writes is such a personal manner; easy to understand language and lessons as you progress through the book make this an invaluable resource. One to be referred to and enjoyed over and over again. Margaret Leonard

This book is amazingly handy - perfect for those who have already begun to practice with Hekate, and for those who are new to Her. The course, as the author refers to it, is well researched, laid out nicely and in a way that makes sense and gives a lot of background as well as hands-on work to do, which I think is the best way to start a new spiritual journey, to get right into it and make some mistakes, create lots of questions for yourself and also get some field work in. Messy hands-on experience is always best over reading a million books, and yet, this guide/course helps to do just that - create a relationship instead of having you just read about one. Autumn Blackwood

Cyndi Brannen's "Keeping Her Keys" is more of a step by step guide to modern Hekatean Witchcraft than a book. There are 13 lessons to go along with the 13 lunar cycles of the calendar year. It is suggested that one take a full year to complete the lessons, however, there's no harm in reading through it at your own pace. There a many exercises and activities in each lesson to help you grow your understanding and connection with Hekate. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a curiosity about Hekate and by the end you may find yourself a keeper of Her keys. Danielle Jones

Wonderful read! I did not know much about this Goddess. But this particular book fulfilled my quest and then some. A must read for those who follow this path. I voluntarily read this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Christina Blake

A very good book, engaging and informative. I'm not of follower of Hekate and knew very little about her cult but this book supplied tons of information in a clear and entertaining way. I liked the style of writing, the clear explanations and the examples. I look forward to reading other books by this writer. Highly recommended. Anna Maria Giacomasso

It is a sincere pleasure to be able to wholeheartedly recommend this book for the newly aspirant, as well as the experienced practitioner. It is an inspired and inspiring work for the academic urbane as well as those whose learning has been inclusively directed more by the school of hard knocks. In fact, it is the experiential which is emphasised and valued in this course of comprehensive Hekatean Magic.

Undoubtedly this could become a working manual for many to return to time and time again, like an inexhaustible cornucopia of idea and enterprise. Its thorough grounding in esoteric lore can serve to equip those who are brave enough to indulge their capacity for greater personal authenticity in their everyday lives, alongside the quickening of their fuller, spiritual realisation. The book is a tool of empowerment, offering the opportunity for the spirited, the curious, the desperate and even the casual dropper-by to expose themselves to a greater realisation of their own unique and perhaps unexpected psychic and inter-personal potency. It’s a body of work that crucially addresses a call within our contemporary world. In the magical hands of those who due to events and/or inclination are called to redress social, as well as personal issues of experienced injustice, it could be a formidable weapon of self-development and revelation. Hekate is drawing those who are brave enough to dare to risk the efficacy of their own, powerful agency in healing themselves and indeed our, so very precious world. K Barr

Keeping Her Keys -- An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft is a sincere, experienced and easy to understand introduction to Hekate. The author, Cyndi Brannen, acquaints the reader with the multitude of Hekate’s aspects.

I picked up this book because I have enjoyed reading Brannen’s blog on Modern Hekatean Witchcraft and wanted to know more. Although I was not disappointed, my knowledge of Hekate has barely begun and my desire to know her more has been whetted. Brannen accomplished her task!

She includes 13 lessons. Her instructions not only include how she would go about the exercises, but how they can be personalized to make them your own. The book culminates with a three-fold initiation rite to devote one’s self to the goddess. In other words, it’s just the beginning and, if I read it right, she has plans for two more books down the line.

Her modern adaptation to becoming a follower of Hekate is reasonable and relevant. There are no ancient sacrifices of black dogs recommended, but rather sacrificing one’s time through actions like volunteering at the local animal shelter. She offers the down-to-earth advice of a teacher that has been down the road already and knows how to guide the reader through.

I found Brannen’s daily hour of power recommendation invigorating to my own personal practice --renewing journaling, which I am notoriously bad at (the one action I probably need most as I have no earth signs in my astrological birth chart). I particularly enjoyed making the salt Strophalos, which was challenging and fun.

While reading the book I found Cyndi Brannen’s YouTube videos, which I found to be quite helpful as well. I recommend reading this book to those interested in developing a practice of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft and I eagerly await Brannen’s next blog and book! Kathy Buxton

I’m so glad this book found me! I’ve been looking for a year and a day course that fits my path and this could not be more perfect. I’ve not completed the course (clearly) but have read through it and am waiting for the next new moon to start. The information provided is invaluable and I’m so excited to start the various practices and exercises. Andrea Smith

I enjoyed reading about Hekate and how to use exercises and prayers to become the best me. Anya Diepold

Keeping Her Keys by Cyndi Brannen is the perfect book to help you hone your spiritual practice and connect more deeply with Hekate energy. Anyone who chooses a pagan. nature based or magic based spiritual path is choosing to follow an non-traditional religious practice, but you can still find yourself craving some form of structure and guidance. This book allows you to find that and use Hekate as the focus of you devotion. It's especially helpful if you are a solitary practitioner and do not have the support of others/ a coven. This is a female centered, inclusive approach that is easy to understand and incorporate. The book is set up as a course/initiation in working with Hekate formally, but even if you do not follow the course directly you will learn so much that will deepen your personal practice and you will learn everything you need to know about connecting with Hekate. If you are a beginner to the magical path there may be a slight learning curve, but Cyndi Brannen strikes a nice balance, as to appeal to the more experienced witch. Personally, I learned a lot and I found reading keeping her keys a pleasurable experience. Cindy Galvao

Another great thing in this book is ephithets of Hekate. I had never even heard of half of the ephithets that were given to her until I read this book. And nearly everything is this book has a source. There is an entire bibliography in the back that gives you authors, books and websites of everything listed in her book. To me this is a valuable resource.

All in all I give this book 5/5 stars. There will be a time when I sit down and go through the course myself, but as of right now I am currently engaged with the OBOD Bardic course and I don’t know if I want more than one course load at the moment. But this is a very good source on Hekate and I will probably buy a physical copy in the future when I decide to do this course. Lauren Graff

I really liked the way the book was organised as well, divided into several lessons which are to be performed and studied throughout the time of training, giving sources for the information, explaining how they're being adapted into modern practices and how they can be adapted. Giving also tons of space for the practitioners to do the path their own way but following the tradition nonetheless. And, finally, ending with a self-initiation ritual into the Modern Hekatean Witchcraft. It's interesting to see a new tradition, so to speak, come up and be open to anyone who feels connected to it. I find it really interesting. Alexia Moon

Blending Hekate, witchcraft and personal development together to create a powerful new magickal perspective. As an eclecticly spiritual pagan, I loved reading about the different aspects of these perspectives. Showing you how to become your best self, the information throughout the book is invaluable, there are 13 lessons in the book and instructions on how to personalize them to your own experience and path. All-in-all a very engaging and informative read. Melanie Laing

I read this book as a pre-release e-book obtained through NetGalley, provided by the publisher. As a further disclaimer, I am a former Wiccan, trained in conventional Wicca, and no longer practicing. I found this book because of my wrong impression of what this book was about because of its title, but found the matter intriguing. It is not the type of book I would normally read. Indeed, when I read the book, I was in somewhat of an emotional crisis, and I found some comfort in revisiting divinity as I had previously believed in. If I understand the book correctly, Hekate "put" this book in my path, with Her finding me at "just the right time".

This book outlines and gives 13 “monthly” lessons in “modern Hekatean Witchcraft” that eliminates much of the problems I found extant in the Wiccan community as well as members of other religions, being a “one right true and only way” to understand or practice the religion. In this new “modern Hekatean Witchcraft” the emphasis is on the individual, their own understanding of the world, how the world and relationships and associations work for that person. Keeping a journal of such things is of utmost importance. These may change throughout one’s life, and that’s okay!

As a person who no longer believes in the objective existence anything supernatural, I was able to help myself emotionally through the crisis that I was in, and the suggestions in the book were extremely helpful. I still do not believe in Hekate any more than I believe in any deity, but the matter of Hekate "calling" me has its lure. Elizabeth Kulacz

I have been fascinated with Hekate for years. Trying to find something that gives you simple, factual information has not been easy. This books leads you step by step in finding what you need to in findings Hekate. Some things that are discussed takes you through many subjects such as writing down spells, feelings and thoughts on what you learn. The ritual of initiation really spoke to me of taking the next step and beginning your new life. She includes thirteen lessons but makes sure to let you know that everyone is different and you don't have to follow everything down to the letter. These ate guidelines. I enjoyed this book very much. Thank you to Net Galley and John Hunt Publishing for allowing me to read this book. Marie Angel

I enjoyed the intellectual perspectives, and the grounding in modern life. For example, many of the meditation exercises seemed like the practice of mindfulness framed in a different way. Mindfulness and self-care is something the book market has been flooded recently, so it was interesting to look at this as a slightly more niche perspective on the idea of taking control of one’s own life. Esther Alexandra

KEEPING HER KEYS is a comprehensive and fascinating exploration and course in the practice of "Modern Hekatean Witchcraft," by its founder. This practice lends itself to both solitary practitioners and covens, and is framed to take a year and a day. Practitioners were learn of Hekate and her worship while simultaneously fomenting their own individual Spiritual Evolution. Mallory Haws

Keeping Her Keys... An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft

by Cyndi Brannen


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