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Tea With a Druid

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The Queer of Heaven: Goddess Culture and the Empowerment of Gay Women and Men

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Urban Witchcraft ~ Rebecca Beattie

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The Ritual of Writing

I’m excited that Andrew Anderson’s first book – The Ritual of Writing – is coming out this month from Moon Books. Partly I’m excited because I’ve already read it and know it to be really good. I’m also excited because in Andrew, we have a new Druid author with interesting ideas and I’m keen to see what he does next.

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Magical Food - Spinach

The baby leaves of spinach are yummy in salads, the larger older leaves are best cooked and frozen spinach works very well in all sorts of recipes. Another vegetable that brings heap loads of sexual energy and fertility (seriously how do we get through the day without jumping on each other?) Spinach also has a huge amount of energy and strength…just like Popeye.

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Pagan Portals - The First Sisters: Lilith and Eve

Pagan Portals - The First Sisters: Lilith and Eve by Lady Haight-Ashton explores sacred femininity. In this excerpt from the book’s introduction, Lady Haight-Ashton gives us a sense of her purposes in writing this Pagan Portal.

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Magical Food - Chives

A perennial plant that is part of the onion family, the long slender green ‘tubes’ have a very oniony taste and the purple flowers are not only pretty but edible too.

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Seeds of Spring

We GATHERed in the park to celebrate the Spring Equinox and I found myself, unexpectedly, “all of a tremble”. My words came out jumbled, my thoughts were uncertain and intentions and ideas that had been so clear to me before became obscured. I began to worry that those who had chosen to gather with me would be left feeling similarly confused and unsure.

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Magical food - Asparagus

A spring vegetable and a flowering perennial and we all know about the asparagus being an aphrodisiac and quite possibly because, let’s face it…this vegetable looks like a willy.

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Inviting Synchronicity into Your Life

One of the central aspects of everyday magic is synchronicity, or meaningful coincidences, that pepper our lives and offer valuable insights, signs, and messages from the universe if we are willing to listen. Some of my most powerful revelations have come out of seemingly innocuous moments that served to punctuate an important feeling, experience, or situation.

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On Norse Mythology, Freyja and The Franklin Institute

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The anniversary of the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck

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