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The Goddess Awakened - Scott Irvine

Humanity has lost its fundamental spiritual connection with Mother Earth and her nature spirits that connect us to Gaia. Too many people believe that the material realm is the only reality there is.

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August in the Wheel of the Year: Foraging, Festivals and Felines - Lucya Starza

While the start of the grain harvest is celebrated on August 1 in the Wheel of the Year festival called Lammas, or Lughnasadh, the harvest continues throughout the month.

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Gaia Today

There is no doubt that the Earth is sick. She is suffering under the strain of human activity eating into her flesh like a cancer for the purpose of power and wealth.

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Lammas or Lughnasadh in the Wheel of the Year - By Lucya Starza

The start of harvest was a big celebration when people relied on each year’s crops for food to last through winter. The festival of the first fruits is often called Lammas in England.

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A Guided Visualisation for Lammastide: The Wise Woman’s Cottage - By Lucya Starza

Lammas is a harvest festival when grain crops are brought in. It can traditionally be celebrated by baking bread. Whether you have the skills, ingredients, or inclination for cooking or not, the post offers a guided visualisation you can do, from the book Pagan Portals – Guided Visualisations.

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​Melusine Draco’s Woodland Walks

Hunter’s Wood is a dreamscape that a witch can visit at any time, should we feel the need to harness the timeless energy of the Wild Wood, regardless of time or season. For visualisation purposes, the Wood is approximately ten acres in size, flanked by a fast running stream to the east and a long ride, or track, to the west. A ride is a treeless break in forested areas used in ancient times for the hunting of deer - hence the name of this wood.

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July in the Wheel of the Year Part 2: Herbal Lore - Lucya Starza

In England, July is a wonderful month for enjoying the sights and scents of flower gardens, as well as for foraging in hedgerows. Here are a few of the magical blooms you might find.

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Introducing Children to Paganism - Debi Gregory​

One of the questions I’m asked most often is when parents should introduce their kids to Paganism. I think they’re looking for a definitive answer but the truth is that there isn’t one. Each child is different and each family dynamic allows for organic discussions on various topics in different ways and at different times.

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​July in the Wheel of the Year Part 1: Dog Days, Festivals and Folk Customs - Lucya Starza

If you follow the Wheel of the Year, July can seem a fallow month. It falls between Summer Solstice on June 21, and Lammas at the start of August and doesn’t contain any of the eight main festivals that many modern pagans celebrate. But there’s lots to celebrate in July including seasonal folk customs and festivals in many traditions.

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Feminist Craft - Introduction

“I don’t know…I just don’t like to mix politics with my religion.” I can’t count how many times I’ve heard this over the nearly three decades I’ve been practicing Witchcraft and moving in Witchy and Pagan communities.

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Elemental Earth – Scott Irvine

The ancients saw the world made up of four basic elements, Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Aristotle philosophised that all physical matter are composed of all the four basic elements in different proportions.

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​The Poisoning of Gaia - Scott Irvine

Humans first used the gifts of Mother Earth around 450,000 years ago when they crafted basic stone tools to cut, scrape, stab and hammer their dinner at the beginning of the Palaeolithic period. Homo erectus had been around for a million years roaming the planet before discovering the skill of tool making. Was it a coincident that it coincided with the arrival of the Anunnaki?

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