May Book Releases at JHP

31/05/19 | By Ben Craib

It's been another busy month at JHP - here are our May 2019 book releases - enjoy!

O-Books Releases

The Truth Inside Book Cover

A powerful story of bereavement and how a mother finds purpose through afterlife communication.

In July 2014, Ali Norell's daughter, Romy, died aged four months. As a spiritual medium, Ali found her belief system to be challenged in the strongest way possible. The Truth Inside offers a deeply moving and at times surprisingly uplifting account of this experience and explores the possibility that we choose our path in life - even one that includes heartbreak and tragedy - in order to learn at the highest level. This story documents how Ali received communication from her daughter in Spirit in a variety of ways and how this eventually helped her to process her grief and uncover her own life purpose.

Magical Sexual Practices Cover

A step-by-step guide to raising kundalini and embodying the dynamic, sexual force, that is the Power of Sekhem.

Sex is the most potent force in the universe. A primal power. And sacred sexuality is a gateway to the divine. Something that the ancient Egyptians recognised instinctively.

In The Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Egypt, bestselling author, Judy Hall, offers the reader powerful sexual magic for the present day. It reveals sexual secrets hidden for millennia.

This jealously guarded secret doctrine is now available to everyone. The system activates your creative erotic potential. Kindling the inner and outer mystic marriages, it is a joining of souls with the divine. Through a cosmic orgasm that is literally mind-blowing, the process generates the power to manifest and integrate expanded consciousness into the everyday world. The system can be used to attract a twin-flame or make a sacred marriage with an existing partner. The practice can also be worked alone to invoke an integration with your highest Self. Crystals support the practice throughout.

Accompaniment to Judy Hall's new novel, The Alchemy of the Night.

Roundfire Books Releases

Alchemy Of The Night Book Cover

Erotic romance meets Gothic fantasy as Phillippa Grayson and her twinsoul timeslip into ancient Egypt to master tantric sex.

Awakening in the throes of a fierce orgasm, Phillippa finds herself possessed by the spirit of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh into whose tomb she had ventured when escaping from a disastrous pre-honeymoon holiday with her now ex-fiancé, Tom. It is a union that is unwritten, out of time, unblessed by priests or gods but which can no more be prevented than the Great God Ra be stopped in his tracks. Entwining a tale of murder, betrayal and sorcery in ancient Egypt, where the erotic and divine secrets enable the Egyptian Prince Khem Yar Khepher’set to haunt the present day.

Finding an antiquarian book on sexual magic in the charity shop where she volunteers, Phillippa is determined to discover all she can about the arcane practice and develops her sexual power with the guidance of the book to confront the timeslip possession.

Time and place constantly shift as past and present collide and a battle plays itself out in the first book of this unique erotica romance trilogy combining magical fantasy and the occult, ancient history and reincarnation.

Accompaniment to the Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Egypt

Ezekiel's Third Wife

It's past midnight in the desert of Utah in the 1890's. Rachel, the third wife of a Mormon patriarch, sneaks out to make love to her secret, second husband. Instead of him, she finds her sister wife murdered in an irrigation ditch and her new husband’s boot prints around the body.

Her stepfather gathers a posse to track the apparent killer. Rachel is left behind in town, trying to uncover the real killer before her stepfather catches up to her husband and one shoots the other.

This contemporary western mystery explores tensions inside communities and gives us a new refreshing strong female heroine. As independent-minded amateur detective Rachel uses evidence and logic to uncover the murderer, she is also exploring the texture of the very fabric that holds the settlers together. Not just water, but all resources are precious in the arid land they farm; a scarcity which often results in anger and violence. Can she untangle the tight web woven by diverse peoples welded into powerful communities in the harsh landscapes of western Utah?

The War For Islam CoverIt is 2090 and the world is on the verge of domination by the Caliphate. The future hangs in the balance as the religion of peace struggles against violent opposition.

Islamist fanatics covering the globe are killing, burning, and bombing in an extravagant display of well-coordinated force designed to terrorize humanity out of its “godless slumber.” But two brilliant Muslim women are determined to save their religion from its counterfeit, supported by the non-Muslim religion professor they both love.

Their weapons aren’t guns and bombs, but ideas and inspired brave leadership.

As they race to show the world a new way to be Muslim and strive to return tolerance and understanding to the human race, their breathtaking adventure takes the reader from New York City to Europe, Japan, India, and Sudan. The bizarre massacres devised by the Caliphate keep steady pressure on these complex and courageous women, as do the multi-million-dollar fatwas on their lives…

Can the war for the very soul of Islam be won?

Moon Books Releases

The Ritual Of WritingUsing writing to deepen your connection with the Universe.

The Ritual of Writing explores the connection between writing and ritual in Pagan spirituality. Focusing upon practical tasks, it begins by helping readers create a piece of writing connected to the Wheel of the Year and honouring a seasonal festival, taking them step by step through the process. There is a key element of working with the spirit of place, wherever the reader is in the world. The book also considers other ways in which writing can inform spiritual practice, discussing elements such as poetry, non-fiction and ritual work. Practical throughout, with developmental tasks at each stage, The Ritual of Writing helps the reader build skill and confidence and to find their own writing voice.

'What a fantastic idea to connect writing with the magic of place, seasonal celebration, and the art of ritual. As I read through The Ritual of Writing, I found my desire to write reignited.'
Philip Carr-Gomm, OBOD

Shor Shamanic coverThe Shor are a small indigenous minority in southern Siberia occupying southern Kemerovo Oblast. Their population numbers under 12,000. The Shor language belongs to the Khakass subgroup of the Uyghur-Oguz group of Turkic languages. Only about 1,000 people speak the native Shor tongue today.

The Shor heroic tales are the largest and most long-standing genre of Shor folklore. They were generally performed at home in the evening or at night. They not only served as a relaxing activity for people, influencing their spiritual peace, but also served a magical role, protecting them from evil spirits. As with the oral traditions of original cultures, these tales exemplify the Shor’s connection to ‘story’ as something tangible, corporeal and animate. This very special manuscript depicts and preserves two of these epics.

Zero Books Releases

Give Them An Argument coverMany serious leftists have learned to distrust talk of logic and logical fallacies, associated with right-wing "logicbros". This is a serious mistake. Unlike the neoliberal technocrats, who can point to social problems and tell people "trust us", the serious Left must learn how to argue and persuade. In Give Them an Argument, Ben Burgis arms his reader with the essential knowledge of formal logic and informal fallacies.

Speculative Anhillationism coverIf Levinas and Negarestani raised a child enchanted by the dark, then this is his debut. In this book, Rosen argues that current archaeological theoretic approaches are not up to the task of adequately theorizing exhumation in our present age of extinctions. Speculative Annihilationism attempts to “think thought’s extinction,” suggesting a new ontological ground for archaeology. Combining contemporary work in speculative philosophy, saprophytic dialectics, and Levinasian ethics, Rosen’s “putrefied-thought” explores themes of the unthought and unthinkable, anonymity, otherness, and meaninglessness so that archaeology can be granted a new basis, a new avenue of inquiry at its intersection with extinction.

What's Left Of The World CoverIn 1960, Paul Goodman argued that the Fordist system that treated people as mere cogs in a machine had created a profound unhappiness in young people and in American society as a whole.

More than half a century later, professor David Blacker recognizes that decades of neoliberalism have pushed young people beyond unhappiness and into a collective identity crisis. Overall, Americans no longer feel needed to do jobs that had previously anchored them in society and are becoming disconnected and purposeless. The proliferation of new identities, based not on work but on consumption, is symptomatic of neoliberalism and its hyper-commodification and deregulation of everyday life.

6th Books Releases

Evolutionary Metaphors cover

Evolutionary Metaphors is an exploration of the many occult, esoteric, imaginative as well as creative speculations that have resonated around the UFO phenomenon. Understanding the phenomena as an archetypal challenge to our cultural limitations, the author, David J. Moore, incorporates Colin Wilson’s optimistic ‘new existentialism’ with the recent studies in ufology.

The book presents a spiritual and philosophical foundation for the creative integration of our consciousness towards anomalous experience. It is a call for what Carl Jung called ‘active imagination’ and Coleridge’s poetic-imaginative access to the deeper streams of consciousness - that which exists below the iceberg. By presenting a fresh approach in the inter-disciplinary spirit, Moore offers a vision into human existence - as well as the symbolical realities - that aims to integrate our evolutionary minds with a new understanding of reality.

The Forseeable Future cover

Is prophecy possible? Can some people really see the future?

Strange feelings of foreboding are often cited by people as evidence that they "foresaw" a disaster. Too vague, argues Gary Williams in this elegantly written collection about lapses in time and space. Williams covers such topics as prevision and romance, foreknowledge and gambling, and the mysterious links between aviation and seeing into the future.

'A hard- to-put-down, eye-opening must read! The Foreseeable Future: The Mystery of Precognition is the author's fascinating journey exploring precognitive experiences and psychic predictions for insights about the ability. Prepare to discover some psychics really do know what the future holds!'
Jane Doherty, author of Awakening The Mystic Gift


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