June Book Releases At JHP

28/06/19 | By Ben Craib

It's publication day here at JHP and we're publishing some fabulous titles this month.

Circle Books Releases

The Knowable God CoverThe Knowable God comprises twenty-three self-contained chapters on the key issues raised and the emphases made in John's Gospel. It is not a critical commentary nor a set of devotional meditations; it is rather an exposition of key episodes, characters and themes, always trying to interpret the text for our own time. It centres on the fact that John's controversial distinctiveness is usually missed in Christian worship, teaching and belief. Within the New Testament there are several understandings of Christian faith, of salvation, of the significance of the cross. John gives us his views on all these, plus the headline message that it is the incarnation itself which is our salvation. To understand Christianity we need more than this Gospel - but cannot do without it.

Cosmic Egg Books Releases

Blink Of An Eye CoverThe Blink of an Eye follows the story of Hamasa, raised in Afghanistan by the Taliban, or so he thought. His story takes him to Canada where a profound spiritual experience leads him to make the journey back home, to a land ravaged by war. Hamasa finds himself asking: What is our purpose in the Universe? Are we part of a Divine Master plan? When Hamasa discovers ancient documents found with the Dead Sea scrolls, he risks not only his own life, but that of his family and loved ones, to find answers which have eluded men for centuries.

Night Waves CoverOff the south of England, an old evil has been set free... While drilling out at sea, the ill-fated crew of a rig have released something old, something that’s been waiting to return to the surface – a hive of sea sirens; Creatures that need human hosts to survive and human faces to lure people to their demise. Kirsten Costello is a model from East London. Bored of her vacuous existence, she leaves her old life of excess behind and moves to Brighton with her cousin Simone. After a random attack one night under Brighton Pier, Kirsten becomes the object of one of the creature's obsession. Psychically linked by its scratch, she becomes a beacon for its desire to use her body as its own and be the face they need. Always knowing where she is, constantly stalking her by night, it seems there is no way to escape. With the help of Simone, her girlfriend Geena, and local Clairvoyant, Melissa Clarke, Kirsten must fight back against the creature, as it tries to drag her back down below into the depths, down into the Night Waves.

Nila's Babies CoverA young nanny battles an ancient demon for the souls of the twin babies in her care... Lilith, an ancient demon, has been cursed by the gods of creation with eternal life. When her body begins to fail, she must transplant her mind into the body of a younger woman. She chooses a widower's twin babies as prey for her and her acolyte's next body transfers. Nila, the babies' young nanny, is the only one who can protect the twins from Lilith's debauchery. 'An impressive and vividly imagined story that will keep readers guessing throughout... Compelling and devilishly spooky.' KIRKUS Reviews

Moon Books Releases

Gods and Goddesses of Wales cover

An introduction to Welsh deities through traditional myths and practical exercises. Written by a practising witch, living in the heart of Wales and working with the deities woven into the land, this book contains the major stories and backgrounds for the Gods and Goddesses of the heartland of the Druids. Within its pages you will find information on the major deities and where their stories can be found, alongside suggestions on how to connect with them and weave relationships with them into a modern pagan practice.

Sun Magic Cover Live in harmony with the solar year and utilise all the magical powers it provides. Sun Magic is a book filled with the basics of the sun cycle, the representations and correspondences, what magic to work and when. It also looks at the solar year, sun deities, sun spells, meditations, specific sun rituals, sun recipes and more. A companion volume to the bestselling Pagan Portals - Moon Magic.

O-Books New Releases

Tales From The Wishbone Tree CoverA heartfelt expression of a personal encounter with grief and how a wise old tree healed and soothed the author’s broken edges. Tales from the Wishbone Tree is a personal story about love, loss and survival. Former award-winning journalist, editor and complementary health practitioner, Helly Eaton, moved to rural West Dorset. When her beloved husband was diagnosed with cancer, she found herself treading the fragile line between being wife, lover, friend and carer. After his death she discovered the wishbone tree, high on a hill near her home and it has become her friend and confidante, sharing its wisdom and comfort when she needed it most. It's taught her many valuable lessons about living and surviving life's traumas. The book reveals how an increasingly common experience that affects millions of people can have deep and far-reaching effects. It is surprising and a testament to how nature can save the day in often small, but profound ways. Heartbreak and humour, the ups and downs of losing someone you love. Thank heavens for the wishbone tree. Everyone should have one…

Reason and Beyond coverAn unflinchingly honest commentary on modern life, death, love, fear, spirituality, belief, meaning and purpose. Reason and Beyond challenges the readers to take a fresh look at how they live and what they think they know so they may begin to free themselves from the shackles of the past and meet life more fully in the present just as it is. It offers a blend of poetry and prose essays covering a broad range of themes penetrating deeply to the how and why of what we think while offering an uplifting perspective that can help restore a sense of life's meaning and purpose in an age that seems to have forgotten both. Spiritual life and its perspective, critical commentary on modern civilization, philosophical and psychological inquiry into reason, knowledge, thinking, belief, the nature of mind, the examination of love and fear and their critical role in human life, and the universal meaning and purpose of life itself. Each theme reappears again and again throughout the book and many questions are posed to the reader around the various themes.

Roundfire Books New Releases

Premonitions CoverPremonitions hints at past lives and common experiences, as it draws subtle connections between people on their personal quests for adventure, love and family. Amelia Rothman, a foreign-rights editor from New York, has a turbulent personal life. Adele Durand, a young French woman, marries the wrong man in 18th century revolutionary France. What do these two women have in common? Is it possible that an apprentice medicine-man in 15th century Africa and an ancient sword hold the answers to a question which transcends time itself? Premonitions in the second book in the Recognitions trilogy.

Zero Books New Releases

Fucking Law CoverFucking Law is an urgent call for everyone, not just academics and researchers, to find inventive ways to question the ethics of sexuality. Since a sex life is full of so many diverse moments of joy and suffering, for each and everybody, the book attempts to bridge a gap between philosophical and non-philosophical questioning. Central to the book is the reality that everyone can challenge the ethics and laws of sexuality and ask questions, even where they seem frightening, or worse, even when we are told not to – by institutions and lovers alike. Non-philosophical and accessible, Fucking Law is risky, explicit and provocative as it bridges the gap between academic and every-day questioning of sexual encounters.

New Work New Culture CoverThe “job system” for organizing work has only existed for around 200 years - since the industrial revolution. Always problematic, it now approaches collapse, and what follows, either for good or ill, depends on decisions made and executed in current times. Many people are filled with dismay, and turn for succor to political opportunists. Prescient of the looming disaster, Frithjof Bergmann began to devise alternatives to the job system in the 1970s. He started with the fostering of dialogue, about ameliorating the impacts of layoffs in times of recession, among the workforce in the auto industry and community, in Flint, Michigan. What has evolved, over years, is his proposed alternative to the job system. New Work, New Culture recounts the development of his ideas, and describes one course which humanity might follow, that all might live better lives.


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