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28/08/20 | By Gavin Lee Davies, Mr

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The Book of the Magical Mythical Unicorn

How the mysterious unicorn has influenced humanity across diverse cultures, faiths, and time periods, from its pre-Edenic origins to its role in the cosmic transformations of the present day.

The Book of the Magical Mythical Unicorn is an anthology of esoteric knowledge, myths, and legends about the most magical of beasts: the mythical unicorn. Utilizing a global lens, the authors delve into the critical importance of the timeless unicorn across multiple cultures and spiritual traditions to display the transformative energy of the creature and its larger effect on humanity’s consciousness. No other mythological creature is enjoying as rapid an ascent into the public eye and consciousness as the magical unicorn. The unicorn is now a fixture in contemporary pop culture.

This book explores a diverse assortment of tales about the unicorn, ranging from its presence in the Garden of Eden, its foretelling of the births of Confucius and the Buddha, its protection of India from the wrath of Genghis Khan’s army, and its depiction within heraldry, including in the Scottish and British thrones. It features in-depth sections on the use of the unicorn’s horn for detecting poisons and healing, the horn’s connection to the opening of the third eye, and the unicorn’s depictions in ancient Sumeria, Egypt, and many other early civilizations.

Pagan Portals - Aphrodite

Explore the complexity of an often misunderstood goddess, Aphrodite.

Aphrodite is an often misunderstood goddess, one who is easy to relegate to the love goddess role, but she is a goddess who also shows up as an initiator and, some might say, troublemaker. In this book, we seek to explore the complexity of a goddess who was born on sea foam and who inspires beauty and love, all the while offering a hand toward each one of us to celebrate our full hearts.

The London Dream

The London Dream is about the mythology of London as a place of opportunity, excitement and the possibility of prosperity. But, who really profits from the London Dream?

It is a mythology has launched millions of migrant journeys. No one benefits more from the flow of willed and willing workers than London’s employers.

And still, they come. They come to a city propelled by a newly cool capitalism and hungry for workers to serve it.

From actors to cleaners, academics to café workers, The London Dream explores the stories of Londoners chasing the dreams offered by the city and the economy within which their precarious hopes become profits.

The Path of Civility

Brings together the teachings of two great men, George Washington and the Buddha, Sakyamuni; one an exemplary political figure, the other, the founder of one of the world’s great wisdom traditions.

Author and teacher, Robert Sachs, brings together the lessons and teachings of these two great men; one an exemplary political figure, the other, the founder of one of the world’s great wisdom traditions. The result is a guidebook to study, carry with you, and apply to cultivate healthy, intelligent, and communication and action inspired by and rooted in civility.

' extraordinary exploration of the linkage between ancient teachings and the enlightened thinking in the founding of the United States.' Don Maruska, Master Certified Coach and author of How Great Decisions Get Made

Walks With Sam

During a summer of hiking, the author finds that it is his beloved pet that allows him to awaken to a new spirit of mindfulness.

A man, his dog, and a long walk can lead to unexpected discoveries. In the tradition of many literary walkers, David W. Berner sets out on foot hoping to reexamine his life, look back and forward, and most importantly, through the help of his young dog, Sam, try to find harmony in new beginnings and the uncertainties of the present.

In a series of chapters, each dedicated to one walk during a summer of hiking, the author finds that it is his beloved pet that allows him to awaken to a new spirit of mindfulness, finding beauty, wonder, and comfort in the ordinary, and to see a life, a neighborhood, and even a country with brand new eyes.

'With gentle humor and brilliant musings, both past and present, Walks With Sam has the charm and the innate truthfulness that some find in a work of art, a daily quest tinged with wonder and mystery with each forward step.' L.B.Johnson, author of The Book of Barkley.

When Thinking is the Screaming of the Soul

At the heart of this non-story is an unforgivable family secret from generations past. It's none of your business, but go on, have a peek, you cheeky bastard.

In this incomparably brilliant and timeless masterpiece of unrelenting cruelty, two unhappy souls; restless, tormented Rebecca and the harmless mediocrity, McGeeee, find themselves caught in an infinite regress of shifting identities and memories.

Rebecca seeks transcendence, an escape from a life she does not know how to live. McGeeee, meanwhile, seems to have no self to speak of, wandering from situation to situation without a sense of purpose. Their relationship has multiple origins, infinite endings and no conclusion.

Pagan Portals - Sacred Landscape: Caves and Mountains

The first in a new series under the Pagan Portals banner, which explores the rituals associated with sacred landscapes, and how to recognise the types of magical energy which may be encountered in these environments.

Mountains form the most spectacular creations on the planet and cover such a large amount of Earth’s landmass that they can be seen clearly from outer space. Mountains are also a reminder that humans count for nothing in the greater scheme of things. They were formed by tectonic plate upheavals of such magnitude that the fossilised remains of prehistoric sea-creatures can be found on mountains tops; in fact, many Himalayan rocks were originally sediments on the primordial Tethys Ocean floor.

In this first of the Sacred Landscape series Melusine Draco looks at ways of connecting with the genii locorum that inhabit the caves and mountains of our world.

A companion volume to Sacred Landscape: Groves and Forests and Sacred Landscape: Lakes and Rivers.

Wisdom From the Spirit World

What can those in spirit teach us about the enduring bond of love, the immense power of forgiveness, discovering our life’s purpose and finding peace in a frantic world?

In Wisdom from the Spirit World: Teachings on Love, Forgiveness, Purpose and Finding Peace, professional psychic medium Carole J. Obley shares teachings about these topics and others from her case files of thousands of sessions. Read the stories of a mother who is confronted with forgiving her son’s death from opioid addiction, a father whose gay estranged daughter in spirit implores him to open his heart, and a deceased husband’s loving reassurance of continued commitment to his grieving wife.

Explore, enhance and expand your consciousness through the exercises in the book’s final section, which features tips to raise the vibration of your thoughts, mindful meditations to instill peace and resources to fortify and expand your spiritual awareness. Written with compassion, simplicity and honesty, this book is a compelling testament to the fortitude and brilliance of our own soul.

Scavengers of Beauty

Why was the mission to the Moon named after the God of the Sun, and not after a Moon Goddess or God? Philippe Sibaud explores the symbolism behind the 1969 Moon landing.

Why was the mission to the Moon named after the God of the Sun, and not after a Moon Goddess or God?

In this unconventional work, Philippe Sibaud explores the symbolism behind the 1969 landing on the Moon. More than fifty years after this seminal event, and whilst the Moon is attracting renewed interest, the author offers a bold new interpretation of the iconic Apollo mission.

Was the Apollo landing the ultimate triumph of solar consciousness over the ancient lunar ways, a concrete enactment of the god Apollo mythically slaying the mother dragon at Delphi, or can the whole venture be seen as the sacred union of Sun and Moon, birthing a new vision at a time of great need?

By weaving his own personal story with a greater cultural and symbolic narrative, Philippe Sibaud invites us to reflect on the importance of myths and the power of the Imagination to unlock the deeper meaning of our individual and collective experiences.

You will never look at the Moon with the same eyes again.




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