Celebrating Doing Things Differently

21/11/18 | By Dominic C. James

When we launched our new site we wanted to celebrate 17 years of doing things differently.

  • Between 2001 and 2018 we have:
  • Published almost 2000 books.
  • Released close to 200 titles a year.

Our structure and way of working consists of:

  • 24 imprints.
  • 40+ team members, many of whom are authors themselves.
  • We’re all distributed around the world.
  • We’re all united under a central system and core set of values.

Our rebrand is based on the circle as a reflection of this unity within diversity. We operate in one respect as a traditional publisher, using sales teams around the world to get books into the trade. In another, we have a progressive business model:

  • The real-time business statistics on our site highlight our commitment to transparency.
  • Our internal forums mean every member of staff can contribute to business discussions.
  • Our Publishing Guide makes our key information available to everyone and enables us scale upwards easily and efficiently.
  • We invest heavily in marketing/PR, allocating some to every title, repeating it with every 500 copies sold.
  • Our social media presence reaches over 100,000 people, including the massively successful Zero Books podcast.
  • On books of high risk, that should be published despite a small market for them, or high design costs, we co-publish: an author subsidy spreads the risk. This works out at about one in six titles.

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