Books make a great gift for the Holiday Season

10/12/21 | By Gavin Lee Davies, Mr

John Hunt Publishing

John Hunt Publishing

Winter Reading ~ MID DECEMBER 2021~ Hot NEW releases


John Hunt Publishing offers a vast range of carefully crafted and selected titles available in paperback and on all E-readers, through Amazon, Kindle, Hive, Barnes and Noble, and where ever books are sold.

You are never alone when you have a great book to read...

Books make a great gift for the Holiday Season.

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Navy Seal

Be Nimble

Addresses classic leadership challenges and the effects of global business disruption exaggerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marty Strong's direct and compelling message is focused on business but in truth, its leadership tenets are agnostic as to industry, marketplace, private or public setting. This is not a textbook. It is a personal conversation between a high-performance business leader and professionals searching for actionable insights that deliver results. Be Nimble provides mentorship, tips, tools, and useful examples to help drive home its valuable leadership insights.

Marty Strong has an accomplished leadership career spanning four decades. He worked his way from enlisted SEAL Team member to the SEAL Officer corps, retiring with twenty years’ service in that highly-decorated and esteemed military unit. He is the author of the Time Warrior Sagas and the SEAL Strike Series.

Navy Seal


Laid Bare: What the Business Leader Learnt From the Stripper

The naked truth about building a transparent organisation and leadership of the future.

Paulina Tenner presents a unique perspective on emergent social change in the world of work, and a method to achieve a balance of wholeness and profitability in a commercial organisation. As the #metoo movement has swept over the globe, it’s time to begin a discussion of how feminine and masculine principles can be integrated together safely, in organisations of all kinds, and in commercial organisations in particular. This books begins that conversation.



Magnificent, Rational, Strange

This book explores the entire universe, taking in space-time, life and human understanding.

In Magnificent, Rational, Strange, you will take a voyage of discovery to explore the entire universe as we know it today. Notice its magnificent rationality, its deep complexity, and some of the paradoxes seemingly built into it. Ponder the strangeness of time and of vast numbers, black holes, Big Bangs, and quantum dimensions.

What are our human origins? Are we alone in our mysterious uniqueness? Or are we part of a natural pattern characteristic of this universe?

The human voyage continues, but travel back first, to celebrate life, how it emerged and how it works. Examine the ancient roots of humankind and our journey thus far. Circle back to the biochemical underpinnings of human understanding.

Where will this voyage take us now?

Ian Breckenridge, a layman, has for many years been immersed in the indescribable wonder of our universe. In a single compact volume, this book manages to raise quite a few deep questions.


Baba Yaga

Pagan Portals - Baba Yaga, Slavic Earth Goddess

An accessible guide to building a devotional practice with the Goddess, psychologically and spiritually.

A unique perspective on working with Baba Yaga, Slavic Earth Goddess of mystery, intrigue and ambiguity, through apprenticing into her magic.

In this introductory work Baba Yaga is re-defined outside of the dogmatic portrayals and becomes one of the most powerful and influential figures in an individual spiritual practice. An accessible guide to building a devotional practice, Pagan Portals – Baba Yaga is a journey of discovery and collaboration with deity, written to aid your own psycho-spiritual progression and offer a unique presentation of how we might work with the Goddess, psychologically and spiritually.

Baba Yaga


Secrets to Successful Property Investment

Your Complete Guide to Building a Property Portfolio

A recent study found that 88% of people cannot afford to buy their own home and will always rent a property.

Written by journalist and property investor, Deborah Durbin, Secrets to Successful Property Investment teaches you how to start your own successful property business.

Taken from her seven years' experience of knowing nothing about property investment to creating a multimillion-pound property portfolio, this book will guide you step-by-step to creating your own property empire.

This guide will show you...

* How to generate deposits
* How to get a mortgage
* Renovations
* Dealing with contractors
* Dealing with bad tenants
* How to grow your portfolio




The Effective Presenter

The Playbook to Professional Presentation Success!

This book serves as a presentation resource for everyone from interns to executives in the private sector. It centres around a proprietary presentation framework and outlines the complete formula to preparing, designing and delivering an effective professional presentation.

The Effective Presenter combines information, research and first-hand experiences to offer unique insights and outline common misconceptions of professional presentations. It provides a blend of practical skills and advice to supplement the optimal presentation formula and build confidence.

Elon Musk

Do you have a dream of being a published author?

John Hunt Publishing is an independent publisher with sales teams worldwide welcoming new authors and unsolicited manuscript submissions.

We publish Fiction and Non-Fiction, across 24 imprints. We build long-term backlists (our books never go out of print), discover and develop long-term relationships with stand-out authors and publish best-in-class series.

For our authors, we provide an automated production system, forums, a marketing database with over 40,000 contacts and other online tools to produce and market each book. We partner with our authors on marketing, reaching all the traditional bookstore markets for print books, worldwide, and all online retailers.


Everything is based on transparency. Authors can see everything that’s going on, including monthly accounts. They have access to our contacts database, can add to it, can even get involved in the business. Most of the people working here came into it as authors.

And it doesn't get any more transparent than this: below you will see a real-time snapshot of the data in our system. The numbers are just presented here to demonstrate the kind of company we want to be... where authors pool resources because we are stronger together.




John Hunt Publishing


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