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The Alkoryn Chronicles take you to a rich alternative world full of its own animals, vegetation and dynamic landscapes, from jungles and deserts to volcanoes. It is a unique world where its axis only allows the sun to shine on one side, leaving the other side in complete darkness.

In this world, there are two diverse cultures. The Alkoryns are a humble self-sufficient community, highly productive without being industrious. The Amunisari are a secretive advanced culture, led by a single council. They seek to evolve themselves by any means necessary and strive for a perfect race.

In Part 1 we meet Daimeh. When he finds a hidden map and a scripture washed up with an unusual body at the Galunda Bay, Daimeh’s idyllic life changes forever. After an autopsy has been conducted, he decides to follow the map and go on a journey with his aunt to the impassable lands to the north, where it is rumoured a great civilisation lives. In their path are giant worms, mysterious technology and a gargantuan.

When they reach their destination the Amunisari appear very welcoming... But after facing deception, mystery and brutality, Daimeh has to face his final fear... Being alone...

Extract from The Alkoryn Chronicles Part 1 Scripture from The Past

The tide was once again coming in as Daimeh finished his daily routine of delivering various commodities to the people of Alkoryn, his people. Although his profession was regarded as an important one, he always referred to himself as ‘the delivery boy’. As the grandson of the sovereign, he did not have to work, but he felt a personal obligation to contribute to the economy of his village, Lybas...

The second instalment of The Alkoryn Chronicles is set on the dark side of this unique world, otherwise known as the Land of Eternal Stars. It explores rich, diverse cultures, military dictatorship and rebel resistance, as well as self-sustained living and the interconnected lives of the six diverse cultures, that populate the dark side of the planet.

After his village is decimated and his tribe enslaved by the dictatorial Zygeth, Ugoki, of the Rhajok’dons is left to find his own way in the desolate realm of Stygia, where the sun never rises. Traveling west, he joins the resistance group. There he meets a young boy, Xanoth, with whom he develops an unbreakable bond. They vow to put an end to the oppression of Kraag’Blitz, forever, in this compelling second instalment of The Alkoryn Chronicles.

C.J. Gleave has had a passion for writing from a very young age. She has been to three North-East universities and has achieved a degree, a master’s degree and a post-graduate certificate. She has also been an Olympian, representing her country in women's ice hockey. She lives in Durham, UK. This is epic, immersive fantasy written by a female author in a genre dominated by men.

Praise for the Alkoryn Chronicles - Part 1 

Daimeh finds a body washed ashore and a tablet with strange glyphs. He doesn't know that this discovery will change his life forever. With his aunt Cresadir, he sets off on a journey through lands that the people of Alkoryn thought unreachable, meeting strange creatures on the way.

C.J. Gleave depicts vividly the way of life on the islands, peaceful, in harmony with nature. It's like watching colours applied on a blank canvas.The way the author describes the personality traits of the characters makes them realistic.

The second part of the novel is completely different and is also reflected in the description of the people and places.The ending is intriguing and I can't wait to read the sequel to this great debut novel.

If you like fantasy stories with an interesting twist, this novel is for you. - Catherine Ndiaye, Amazon

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