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A thriller that takes the reader inside a fundamentalist Muslim family, A Glance at My Other by Bruce Randal Wilkerson also depicts a young man's experience of being a woman in 21st century society and explores his reactions to being a woman in an intolerant society. Roundfire Books is proud to publish this title on 29 September 2017 a novel which addresses topics of great significance in the current political and social climate.

Paris was only supposed to have been be a break from college in America, but when Josh Cohn is evicted from his lodgings events propel him into a life of unimaginable consequences. Whilst brooding and depressed in a bistro he notices a beautiful Arabic girl who, minutes later, he witnesses drowning. In the same moment he pulls Neïla's unconscious form from the water, Josh is killed and the two strangers' spirits meet... Josh's consciousness is thrown into the young girl's body.

Immersed in the unfamiliar fundamentalist lifestyle of Neïla's family, Josh struggles for Neïla's rights when she is forced to wear the hijab. Treated as insane for trying to escape, Josh becomes a prisoner to Neïla’s violent eldest brother, who has just returned from the jihad. When Josh discovers that Neïla had killed her father and he informs the police about her brother’s doings, he must unravel the mysteries, escape, or be killed again.

This is a fascinating and innovative portrayal of what it is to be a woman in a fundamentalist family living in a modern western metropolis through the eyes of a young man. A great read with strong characters and a fast paced storyline that will make you think.

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