NILA'S BABIES: The battle of Good vs Evil begins...

09/08/19 | By Gavin Lee Davies, Mr


Jac Simensen's paranormal novel, NILA'S BABIES: The Book of Lilith, was released by Cosmic Egg Books on June 28th. Nila's Babies marks a new direction for Simensen whose previous five novels were political thrillers.

Simensen found the inspiration for NILA'S BABIES in Ashanti, (West African,) creation myths. According to these ancient legends, Lilith was Adam's first wife. When Lilith defied the gods of creation by procreating with her sons, the gods drove her from Eden and cursed her with eternal life. When her body begins to fail Lilith must forever transplant her mind into the body of a younger woman. After millennia of unending body snatching, Lilith chooses a widower's twin baby girls as prey for her and her acolyte's next body invasions. Nila, the babies young, British-African nanny, spent her early childhood in Ghana where, unbeknownst to Nila, her Ashanti priestess grandmother passed on her occult, protective powers to Nila. Gradually, Nila comes to understand and use her protective powers to combat Lilith's debauchery in a fight to save the babies souls.

The action takes place primarily on Castle Key, a small, exclusive barrier island off Florida's west coast where Gordon Hale, the twin baby's father, owns a beachfront cottage on the Gulf of Mexico. When Gordon's wife of fewer than two years, is diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, the couple with their six-month-old baby girls, flee their snowy New England home to spend her remaining months at the beach cottage in the mild Florida winter. When Gordon' wife dies, leaving the young father alone, to cope with his twin babies, Gordon decides to remain in Florida for a few months to regain his equilibrium before returning to Massachusetts. Gordon's sister convinces a reluctant Gordon to hire Nila Rawlings, an attractive, experienced bi-racial nanny. Nila moves into the beach cottage and quickly bonds with the twins. As Gordon's emotional trauma over the loss of his wife begins to slowly dissipate, he and Nila are attracted to each other and gradually fall in love.

Lilith, now in the body of an elderly woman named Myra Silk, lives in an old mansion house next to the beach cottage. Myra's body is failing and Lilith needs to transfer her mind from Myra to a new body. She selects a beautiful, sexy, but psychologically deranged prostitute named Maggie for the body transfer. Maggie has previous emotional experience with Gordon and is drawn to the beach cottage where, after threatening Nila and the babies with scissors and a hand-gun, is killed by the police. Lilith, still in Myra Silk's body, marks Maggie's corpse reanimating Maggie as a zombie. In a violent, other-worldly ceremony, Lilith transfers her mind from the elderly Myra Silk to Maggie's damaged body.

The developing story covers Lilith-Maggie's actions to control and dominate Nila and Gordon and to prepare the twins to be the victims of Lilith's next body snatching.

The novel concludes as Nila understands the protective powers she inherited from her Ghanaian grandmother and battles to protect her family from Lilith's depravity.

Jac Simensen, an American, has spent most of his mature life living and working in the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. His multi-cultural experience is reflected in his character development. Jac currently lives on the water in south-west Florida where he is currently creating the next chapter in the Book of Lilith.

'An impressive and vividly imagined story that will keep readers guessing throughout... Compelling and devilishly spooky.'

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