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By G. Michael Vasey   The Last ObserverThe words on this page are comprised of molecules and atoms and electrons and smaller particles. As we now know, these words as particles are frozen light but they are also causing photons to bounce of the page and enter your eye. What happens then is nothing short of a miracle. Hitting the back of your eye upside down, your brain rights them and recognizes them using incredibly sophisticated pattern recognition programs. Not only do you understand these words, but they evoke an emotional response as well – how on earth do words do that? They don’t of course, you do. The processes that go on in the brain are actually not that well understood. But as you read these words you are using your imagination. It is this imaginative faculty that is creating pictures in your head. My words are causing a response and a reaction like ripples in a pool – the pool of your mind. In fact, the only thing that can truly be said to be real in your world is not what you sense outside of you but those complex processes and reactions in your consciousness that takes place inside. You don’t see the world – you create it. You don’t feel heat or cold – you create it. I have no idea if how heat feels to me is the same way that you experience it. I only know that we have words to describe heat and we seem to agree on use of that word. If you really think on it your reality is entirely created in your head. It’s an astonishing realization. Its one that absolutely captivates me – and my imagination. So much so that I am constantly exploring the idea through meditation, magic, practical application and in my writings. My novel, The Last Observer, takes this idea and sets it in a short but action-packed adventure. As author Anthony Peake says in his foreword “Gary tells a classic tale of mystery and suspense but weaves within it a series of themes that would be at home in any modern physics text book. He masterfully uses his own extensive knowledge of modern magical rituals to create a tale that is both mysterious and intriguing. However, the mystery soon gives way to something far more sinister and terrifying, a terror that explodes into a finale of epic proportions in which the fate of the universe itself is at stake.” The theme also is the creative inspiration behind my poetry and the new collection I have just issued – Moon Whispers- is full of poetic puzzling over reality, life and everything. Here is an example called Man in the Sky.   Moon whispersImagine a Man in the sky Sitting all alone, poor guy Thought he’d had a bit of fun Play a game and then be done He imagined so very, very hard Opened his eyes and sighed Seeing the beauty of it all   Better than being so fucking bored Now I will be the one and only Lord Mini me’s to worship me And proclaim my divinity They strut upon my stage Hoping to avoid my rage When they turn their back on me   Look at how they multiply Many are born and fewer die They deny that I exist at all Chasing money and having a ball I grow weary of watching and waiting Find them so bloody aggravating Time for another game   My blog at garymvasey.com is full of articles and poems all musing over similar topics. So hopefully, my words have echoed around your mind and given you pause to reflect and think. If you really create your own reality then ask yourself this - are you creating a good one? Find out more about G. Michael Vasey's novel, The Last Observer here.

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