Award winning horror filmaker pens sizzling summer horror sensation!

19/07/19 | By Gavin Lee Davies, Mr


Indie filmmaker David Irons first novel "Night Waves" - a neon killer sea siren tale - was released by John Hunt Publishing/Cosmic Egg Books on June, 28, 2019 with an accompanying Synthwave music video/short film (Directed by the author) from prolific music producer SelloRekt/LA Dreams (Amazon's "Red Oaks", HBO's "Vice Principles" BBC's "Wrong Floor") and Synthwave singer Roxi Drive (also from Brighton) with Al Magliochetti ("Spookies" 1986, "Frankenhooker" 1990, "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" 1991) acting as practical FX supervisor.

David Irons, who has already been making a name for himself as a filmmaker; winning awards at the Cambridge Film festival, and LA Independent Festival, for his first horror short "Casting Call". Grand prize for "No budget feature " with the micro-budget feature, 'Cassette' at the Las Vegas VIFF festival, was also a winner in David Lynch’s Short Film Competition in 2014 with '7 Winters Alone' - a sci-fi, horror short.

Night Waves - Irons' first novel - is the story of a hive of sea sirens; creatures that need human faces to lure people to their demise stalk Kirsten Costello, a model from East London: the object of one of the creature's obsession. Psychically linked by the sirens scratch, she becomes a beacon for its desire to use her body as its own as it tries to drag her back down below into the depths, down into the Night Waves.

The idea for Night Waves came after moving from North London to Brighton in 2016. “There was a plasticity to London that seemed to be draining down into Brighton and ruining the indigenous bohemian atmosphere.” Irons said, “Brighton is known as being a place for creative people, and the whole “London by the sea” ideology Brighton has gained, seemed to be bringing a vapidity with it. Brighton is a place you can be anyone you want, where anyone is accepted. London used to be this way, but with fluctuating prices, it drives artists away rather than supports them. I see this happening with Brighton now, so I just turned the problem around and rather than subordinate parasites coming from London, I turned them into subordinate parasites that are coming from the sea and taking peoples identity. Making them conform and march to the beat of a single drum — something Brighton is the antithesis of. There is no real defined idea in modern film or literature of a sea siren that’s a go to short hand as with other creatures such as Zombies or Ghosts; so I took liberties with the legend and reinvented them to fit the story I wanted to tell. I took these ideas and turned them into ‘80s style horror novel. It’s a lot of gory fun.”

Night Waves has been praised as:

"Refreshing, raw, dark horror"

"Engaging hyper-sleazy horror, evoking early '80s seaside horror."

"Wonderfully enticing, you get to the end of a chapter and hear your brain demand you carry on reading."




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