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Guilda Front CoverWe love to discover something unusual, to give a voice to a different sort of story at Roundfire. One that will surprise, intrigue, and perhaps challenge you; Gilda Trillim: Shepherdess of Rats by Steven L. Peck delivers all that and more.

A woman struggles to discern the meaning of life when she is taken as POW in Vietnam. On the surface, it may seem to be a traditional tale of survival, but Guilda's life is rich, varied and full of the unexpected.

Steven L. Peck's intriguing, literary narrative follows Gilda Trillim's many adventures; from her origins on a potato farm in Idaho, to an Orthodox Convent in the Soviet Union, to her life as a badminton champion...

When Gilda is taken prisoner during the Vietnam war, she finds comfort in the company of the rats who cohabit her cell. Follow Gilda as she struggles to comprehend the meaning of life in this uncanny, philosophical novel which explores Mormonism, spirituality and what it means to be human.

This unique, experimental novel examines what it means to be human through the experiences of a fascinating, original heroine. It also shines a light on Mormonism, a subject which is of interest to both Mormons and readers less familiar with the denomination, exploring philosophy, science and religion.

This fiction novel is different. It explores the relationships between meaning and objects and how they structure our world; giving the reader a very individual perspective in the way it explores themes of philosophy, science, and religion.

Gilda Trillim : Shepherdess of Rats by Steven L. Peck is released by Roundfire on September 29 2017 and is available now for pre-order Buy Gilda Trillim here in paperback or e-book

Pre-release Reviews;

What a mad, marvellous, and compulsively fascinating heroine Steven Peck has created in this novel - a woman who can spend a year painting pictures of an apple seed and write a novel describing the contents of a single drawer. By carefully scrutinizing these microcosmos of everyday life, Gilda Trillim (but really Steven Peck) starts to answer some of the biggest questions of all, like "Where did God come from?", "How do complex patterns emerge from random chaos?", and "Why does anything even exist at all? - Michael Austin, author of Useful Fictions: Evolution, Anxiety, and the Origins of Literature

Gilda Trillim has sprung from Steven Peck's head as fully-formed and singular a woman as you'll ever meet. Hers is an engrossing, uncanny world, pulled into existence by an author at the peak of his creative power. Absolutely compulsive reading - Emily H. Butler, author of Freya and Zoos


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