The Free World War is an alternative history with a twist.

The year is 2265 and Earth is a utopia populated by enlightened and contented people. How did this perfect world to come about?

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Mystery in the Amazon

Rob Jung, author of Cloud Warriors, takes you on an adventure, exploring a deadly secret in South America

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Justice Gone: A homeless is man beaten to death by police...

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The battle of Good vs Evil begins...

The battle of Good vs Evil begins...

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Everything you know can change...in the blink of an eye

Discover the secrets of humanities existence

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The Chernobyl Privileges has been Shortlisted for the Rubery Award

What is the half-life of a secret?

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Night Waves is the story of a hive of sea sirens; creatures that need human faces to lure people to their demise...

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Front Page Murder 99c/99p on Kindle!

Front Page Murder - Peter Bartram’s brilliant Crampton of the Chronicle mystery is 99c in US and 99p in the UK on Kindle for the whole of July!

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Is it ever too late to become a writer?

We love to discover why our authors write, what drove them to become a writer. So we were delighted when Janet Dean Knight, a historical fiction author with Top Hat Books, agreed to share her experience with us about coming to writing later in life. We're sure that her story will resonate with many of you.

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It Must Be The Smith In Me

Top Hat Books author Thomas Crockett reflects on how a Brooklyn boy born and bred came to be fascinated by the English Tudor King Henry VIII

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Satirizing Trump

One could say that the American political situation is absurd: The President of the United States is an incompetent, lying, racist, narcissistic bully. That was both my challenge and my delight as I set out to write a satire about him.

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The insatiable consumers: why are we so obsessed with zombies?

With the exponential success of The Walking Dead and the longevity of George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead film franchise, the appeal of zombie fiction continues to stagger, lurch and bite its way into the public’s consciousness.

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