05/07/17 | By Sarah-Beth Watkins

Mark Olly is a prolific writer and has written two fabulous titles for Chronos Books as well as other titles for John Hunt Publishing.

The Disappearing Ninth Legion puts this mysterious Roman legion firmly back on the historic map. Was the legion simply broken up and re-assigned or do they still march the moorlands and streets of Eastern Britain, a lost ghostly army cursed and vanquished by the Druids and Celts? Get your copy on Amazon UK or Amazon US to find out more.

The Life & Times of the Real Robyn Hoode is written from the perspective of a genuine historical character and in the form of a complete journal of his life, and the lives of those around him. The result is possibly the most complete genuine framework for the investigation and discovery robyn hoode coverof a character that represents heroic resistance to powerful & corrupt authority the world over, but who appears here as a solitary mortal man with all his human failings. Check this title out on Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Review from Suzanne Ruthven

Most of us have grown up with the film versions of Robin Hood, from the Disney classic to the Hollywood giants, not to mention the television series that ran for years. According to Mark Olly in ‘The Life and Times of the Real Robyn Hoode’ these portrayals are a long way from the historically accurate portrait of England’s greatest hero.  The author uses a historical time-line to help us find our way through the intricate story and advances some interesting information that never appears in the popular narratives about Robin Hood – one being the fact that Robin Hood is around 60-years of age at the time of his ‘famous’ exploits and lives to a grand-old age. Mark Olly also purses the tales and legends long after Robin Hood’s death to demonstrate how they were embellished by bard and story-teller. A first-class scholarly project and highly enjoyable.


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