Cromwell was Framed

06/08/19 | By Sarah-Beth Watkins
Book News

The publication of Tom Reilly’s book "Cromwell: An Honourable Enemy" fifteen years ago sparked off a storm of controversy. Many historians publically derided the divisive and ground-breaking study. Dissatisfied with the counter-explanations of these experts on Cromwell’s complicity in war crimes in Ireland, amateur historian Tom Reilly again throws down the gauntlet to professional historians everywhere. His second book Cromwell was Framed contains original and radical insights.
Breaking the mould of the genre, for the first time ever, Reilly publishes the contemporary documents (usually the preserve of historians) so that the authentic primary source documents can be interpreted by the general reader, without prejudice. Among the author’s fresh discoveries is the revelation of the identity of two unscrupulous individuals who created the myth that Cromwell deliberately killed unarmed men, women and children at both Drogheda and Wexford, and that a 1649 London newspaper reported that Cromwell’s penis had been shot off at Drogheda.
Whatever your view on Cromwell, this book is persuasive. Conventional wisdom is challenged. Lingering myths are finally dispelled.


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