Rounding up our Lent Books offering including the bestseller from Tim Heaton, The Long Road to Heaven.

27/02/19 | By Maria Barry

Lent Titles from Circle Books (imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd)

Friday's Child
oems of suffering and redemption

by Brian Mountford

Brian Mountford has chosen thirty-five poems which explore the human experience of suffering and redemption, accompanied by his own thoughtful and witty commentary.

The collection contains secular and sacred pieces in equal measure and came into being as part of a programme to bring a sense of seriousness, in a non-prescriptive, open-ended way to the Easter holiday crowds in the University Church, Oxford, where the poems were read on Good Friday with dignity and panache by senior school children. The selection has not been augmented in any kind of attempt to provide a fully representative anthology but kept exactly as it evolved in response to this specific need.

Brian Mountford’s engagement with religion, and with the world, and with the human aspects of them both, has been something I’ve long admired. In this inspiring collection of poems and readings for Good Friday he brings all his experience of literature, and of the needs of readers and listeners both young and old, together to create a tapestry of great brilliance and a commentary of calm wisdom. ~ Philip Pullman

Brian Mountford is a Fellow of St Hilda's College and an established speaker on contemporary religious issues, leadership and literature. He is Publisher-at-Large for John Hunt Publishing's 'Christian Alternative' imprint and writer the best-selling 'Christian Atheist - belonging without believing' and the anthology, 'Friday's Child - poems of suffering and redemption.'


Lives Around Us, The
Daily Meditations for Nature Connection

by Dan Papworth

The Lives Around Us is a series of short meditations for individuals or groups. It can serve as a Lent book or at any time of the year. Its purpose is to tap into the present public interest in nature connection and encourage this to be formed in concert with Bible reading and regular (daily or weekly) prayer.

Each chapter begins with descriptive reflection on a specific creature (animal, plant, fungus, mineral) followed by one or two thoughts about what we can do for them practically. There is a Bible reading and then a section that encourages prayer and sometimes a prayerful activity.

This book weaves nature’s shimmering weft to timeless threads of Biblical reflection. ~ Alastair McIntosh, author of Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power

Dan Papworth is an author, spiritual director and facilitator of Cheltenham Forest Church.


Long Road to Heaven, The
A Lent Course Based on the Film

by Tim Heaton

"Heaton writes beautifully...effective treatment of its great themes . What are we saved from? What are we saved for?" Church Times
"Taking part in a Lent course like this can easily become a life-changing experience." The Tablet

This second Lent resource from the author of The Naturalist and the Christ explores Christian understandings of “salvation” in a five-part study course based on the film The Way. Starring Martin Sheen as a bereaved father, this soulful and uplifting film observes a group of pilgrims walking the Way of St James to Santiago de Compostela. As it follows their journey of inner transformation, the course examines biblical accounts and images of salvation – past, present and future – and addresses the questions: What are we saved from? What are we saved for? Who can be saved? What do we have to do to be saved? How are we saved?

an imaginative, creative and enjoyable Lent course that will lead us to new life at Easter. ~ The Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury

The Reverend Tim Heaton is an Anglican Priest in parish ministry in the Diocese of Salisbury. He lives in north Dorset.


Naturalist and the Christ, The
A Lent Course Based on the Film Creation

by Tim Heaton

This is a Lent course for twenty-first century Christians and I commend it warmly. Bishop of Ely

This five-part Lent course draws on the life, work and religious struggles of Charles Darwin as depicted in the 2009 film Creation, a film based on the book Annies Box by Darwins great-great-grandson Randal Keynes.

This compelling and accessible Lent course looks at questions of great importance to all Christians. Can God and evolution co-exist? Why did the Victorian Church find it so hard to accept Darwins theory? Why do some Christians today find it difficult? What implications does evolution have for the Church and her doctrine? What is the authority or reliability of scripture? To what extent were Darwin s own Christian beliefs shaped by the theology of his day, and how did this lead to his loss of faith after the death of his daughter Annie in 1851? Where is God in all the suffering of his creation?

This innovative and interactive Lent course, which is written for Christians of all denominations and could easily be undertaken by an ecumenical group comprising different traditions, addresses these questions with clarity and depth of understanding in a proven and highly successful format.

An intriguing course for Lent which interweaves scripture and science, film and Christian thought, all in the context of discussion. It is carefully researched, elegantly written and well-presented. ~ The Rt Revd Dr Graham Kings, Bishop of Sherborne

The Reverend Tim Heaton is an Anglican Priest in parish ministry in the Diocese of Salisbury. He lives in north Dorset.


Will You Join in Our Crusade?
The Invitation of the Gospels unlocked by the Inspiration of Les Miserables

by Steve Mann

The world's all-time bestseller meets a twenty-first century musical icon. In this seven-week course, suitable for group use or personal reflection, Steve Mann skilfully interweaves the Gospel narrative with the story of Les Miserables. Daily devotional readings are built around seven key spiritual themes - Grace, responsibility, truth, compassion, fellowship, darkness and reconciliation. These are complemented by weekly study material tied in to the 2012 movie release. This is an ideal resource for those looking for a Lent study but works equally well at any time of year.

This is a book for anyone who has ever watched Les Miserables – and most of us have! It's gloriously, refreshingly different; fascinating on many levels but above all deeply helpful. I don’t think I ever enjoyed a devotional book more than this one! ~ Jennifer Rees Larcombe, best-selling Christian author

Steve Mann is a Methodist minister in the UK and a regular contributor to religious broadcasting on BBC Radio Kent. He lives in Tunbridge Wells with his wife and two children.



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