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07/03/19 | By Maria Barry

Christian devotional literature, also known as devotionals, is religious writing that is neither doctrinal nor theological, but designed for individuals to read fortheir personal edification and spiritual formation.

John Hunt Publishing has been reprinting copies of several devotionals for 20+ years.

These are from the pen of Father John Woolley and The, I Am With You Foundation

John Woolley grew up in Chester and worked as a racing correspondent for the local paper before being called to train for the Anglican ministry. He served for over 10 years in several parishes in the Liverpool diocese and was much loved by his parishioners – 4 coach loads went to attend his induction in his second parish! He was then called to hospital chaplaincy and moved South to St Albans to minister in the local psychiatric hospital

For many years he kept on receiving “heart-whispers” from the Lord which he recorded on any scrap of paper that he could find and in 1980 he founded the I Am With You Foundation. The first book with these “heart-whispers” – I Am With You – was published in 1984 and the other books followed. In the early `90s he set up a nationwide ministry involving days of renewal, retreats and talks across the Christian denominations

John received the Lord`s promise that the “heart-whispers” would spread worldwide and he used the Foundation to put this into effect. He spent most of the time in his later years responding to the prayer requests and testimonies of thousands of readers of the various books. The rest of his life was dedicated to this activity – he helped the Lord change so many lives!

Father John Woolley died in 2008 and the foundation continues to maintain his work

I Am With You (Paperback)

First published in 1985 as a hardback, "I Am With You" is now published in paperback as a Cirle Books title.This title has been the best-selling devotional in the UK since then. These words of divine encouragement were given to John Woolley in his work as a hospital chaplain, and have since inspired and uplifted tens of thousands, even changed their lives.

This is the first in a series of devotional books of "heart whispers" which John Woolley received from the Lord during prayer.

"I Am With You" will bring peace and consolation to all who read it. Cardinal Cormac Murphy-OConnor, Archbishop of Westminster

Brand New for 2019

Friendship of Jesus and God's Secret (Combined volume)

The way in which we see God's relationship with us can be revolutionised by reading the combined original volumes, The Friendship Of Jesus and God's Secret. So many struggling Christians have not come across the way in which His love can affect us.

This book will open a new dimension in our thinking - combined with practical ways of immediately making what we are learning part of our lives. The result? A larger place for the love of Jesus in our hearts, whoever we are!

I Am With You; For Young People And For Those Young At Heart

I Am With You has been the bestselling devotional in the UK for the last generation. This edition for younger people, rewritten by John Woolley, will help those searching, those in need, and those seeking to find faith.

The words in this book were given to him in times of prayer by the Lord Jesus Christ... to be shared by all who wanted to feel Him as real and know His strength each day. They were especially for young people and for the young at heart.

While Fr John Woolley was praying, the Lord Jesus Christ put beautiful words into his mind, and told him to write them down and share them with everyone who wanted to feel His closeness, and to know His strength every day.

Abide In My Love - More Divine Help for Today's Needs

Since 1985 I Am With You has become established as a much-loved devotional book, in constant use by many thousands of people around the world. Further inspiring words, received in times of prayer by Fr John Woolley, are contained in this new volume, Abide in My Love. The life-changing and peace-giving words of the Lord Jesus, through his Holy Spirit, are certain to be experienced in this companion to I Am With You. It offers unique help for the road and will prove indispensable for times of prayer and study.

Many Mansions

Another volume of "heart whispers". They offer the reader treasured words of divine inspiration as given to Fr. John Woolley by the Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit. In Many Mansions, Our Lord gives us many glimpses of Heaven and the realm of light which we all long for. Also, he shows us ways of preparing for life after death and that future existence while we are still upon the earth.

My Burden is Light

The life-changing and peace-giving words of the risen Lord Jesus, through His Holy Spirit, can be experienced in this latest addition to the series.The Christian road is far from easy. “My Burden is Light” provides unique help in learning to be calm and strong in very difficult circumstances, and in finding Jesus our Lord a lifelong tower of strength.


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