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Introducing A Secret History of Christianity

The introduction to Mark Vernon's new book A Secret History of Christianity, publishing August 2019

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The Quaker Quicks Series

A brief description of all titles in the series thus far

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Father John Woolley

Am With You is a little devotional book which has already changed countless lives. All of us are like these sheep stumbling along on a journey towards Jesus The Good Shepherd. The words in the book are "heart whispers" received in times of prayer by Revd. John Woolley, former Chaplain in a British hospital. Jesus, our risen Lord, speaks words which are personal and always meet the need of the moment. I Am With You unfailingly gives a sense of God's nearness, to strengthen and uplift in any kind of need. Peace is conveyed to those whom life has hurt in some way. There are now whole series of books for readers to collect.

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Lent Books

Information is given on five Lent books: Long Road to Heaven by Tim Heaton, Friday's Child by Brian Mountford, The Lives Around Us, by Dan Papworth, The Naturalist and the Christ by Tim Heaton and Will You Join in Our Crusade? by Steve Mann

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