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Time Knot memeTimepathway Series memeIn Time Knot, the recently published second book in the thrilling timepathway series by author M.C. Morison, teenager Rhory is thrown into a mission through the ages... can he survive a second battle across time?

When Rhory is shot at in Surrey, and nearly kidnapped in Alexandria, he knows it’s Game On. Pursued across time, over snow and ice in war-torn medieval Sweden, sought in a slave market in Ancient Alexandria, he and his young teenage companions have a task: to save priceless wisdom from the Library of Alexandria. Three modern witches are determined to stop them.

At Lodestone Books we love stories like this, that grab young imaginations with a fast-paced tale and bring history to life. When you combine that with the possibility of time travel it can't fail to enthral young adults and older readers alike.

If you're new to the timepathway series you may like to read Time Sphere, the first book of Rhory's time slip adventures, also available from Lodestone Books

You can buy both books as paperback or e-book through Buy Now - Time Knot at Lodestone Books great for holiday reading and beyond.

Reviews for Time Knot

I gave this to my twelve-year-old, who is obsessed with history and the possibility of time travel, and he adored it. ~ Yvie Field, NetGalley

The fast pace of this ingenious and skillfully woven story leads its hero, Rhory, and the reader on an emotional roller coaster through time. A tale in which, Rhory, a modern day, somewhat naive, teenager is inextricably caught up in a battle between the forces of good and sinister perpetrators of evil. The action takes place concurrently in worlds as extreme as present day England, Alexandria in BC Egypt and the snow-covered countryside of sixteenth century Sweden. Time Knot is a fascinating, page-turner of an adventure aimed at the young adult, but equally enjoyable for anyone. ~ Veryan Williams Wynn , author of The Spirit Trap

The second in this series about children through various periods of history who time travel in an attempt to save the world. I can't wait for the next book ~ Margaret Pemberton, Librarian, NetGalley



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