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The Firebird Chronicles - a fantasy trilogy for young readers. You can read a selection of reviews for this series here -

The rise of the shadow stealers - book coverTwo young apprentices with missing memories. Their search for answers will oblige them to deal with murder, Dream Analysis, Plot Knotters, Noveltwist Cordial, an exploding casket, a girl called Wisdom and her magical treehouse, and the battle between the firebird princess and her shadowy nemesis.

The Nemesis Charm - book cover

When Apprentice Adventurers, Fletcher and Scoop, discover their mother has fallen under the curse of a strange sickness, they prepare to sail for its source, a Threshold, a doorway to the world beyond the Un-Crossable Boundary.

Through the Uncrossable Boundary book cover

The final installment sees our young heroes racing against the end of time to save their world!

Daniel Ingram-Brown is the author of The Firebird Chronicles series for children aged 9-12: Rise of the Shadow Stealers (2013) and The Nemesis Charm (2016), both published by Our Street Books. He is the recipient of the Taner Baybars award (2016) for original fiction in the field of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Magical Realism, awarded by the Society of Authors Authors' Foundation.


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