25/04/17 | By Tim Ward

by Mark Hawthorne

Ten Ways You Can Help Humanity

  1. Never tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia, bullying, or any other forms of discrimination. If you’re in the company of someone who uses a homophobic slur or tells a racist joke, for example, speak up and let them know how you feel.
  2. Write to a prisoner of conscience, such as someone incarcerated for social justice or animal activism. Visit www.freedom-now.org/a-guide-to-writing-prisoners-ofconscience or www.directaction.info/prisoners.htm for more information. Of course, any prisoner, regardless of his or her crime, appreciates getting mail.
  3. Do not buy chocolate sourced from the worst forms of child labor, including slavery. (See www.foodispower.org/ chocolate-list)
  4. Buy organic when you can, which helps farm workers a bit, as organic produce is not doused with chemicals.
  5. Pass onto children respect for other cultures, respect for women, respect for other races, respect for anyone who is considered “different,” and respect for themselves.
  6. Get over any belief you may have that we live in a postracial society. As much as we may not want to admit it, racism is everywhere, and Whites will never be part of restorative justice by thinking race has nothing to do with White police officers killing Black men, women, and children or by calling yourself “colorblind” (an ableist term when not referring to vision impairment).
  7. Consider adopting a child.
  8. Arrange to donate your body to science. This not only benefits humans, but it helps offset the use of animals for medical research.
  9. Redirect gifts. Instead of receiving birthday presents, ask friends and family to donate money to nonprofit organizations that work on behalf of humans.
  10. Donate vegan food to a local food bank. (See www.foodispower.org/donating-food-takes-thought)




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