What Is Theosophy?

10/12/18 | By Dominic C. James


WHAT, indeed, is theosophy? This question, now being asked with increasing earnestness, cannot be answered in one sentence, but the leaders of the Theosophical Movement have given a few pithy expressions of its various aspects which form a fitting introduction.

Theosophy is, then, the archaic Wisdom-Religion, the esoteric doctrine once known in every ancient country having claims to civilization. - Helena P. BlavatskyThe Theosophist, October 1879

Theosophy is the inner life in every religion. It is no new religion, but is as old as truth itself. . . . - Katherine Tingley

The Theosophical philosophy is not something which has been invented by anybody at any time: it is the formulation of the truths of Nature.- G. de Purucker, the fourth leader of the Theosophical Society

THEOSOPHY is a Unity of Religion, Science, and Philosophy.

There is one infinite Life, without beginning or end; no such thing as dead matter exists in nature. Every atom is a spark of the one Life. The divine unity behind all manifestation, commonly called spirit and matter, which some call God, others That (Sanskrit sat or tat), is so infinitely beyond comprehension that we can only stand in mute awe and refuse to insult its majesty by attempting to describe it.

There exist on earth, though unknown to the world at large, a few rare souls, the efflorescence of the age, who have purified themselves from all traces of personal selfishness and have become living incarnations of love and wisdom. Such are the Masters of wisdom, compassion, and peace who established the Theosophical Movement and who uphold and protect it today. These Masters of life have realized the truth of the most fundamental teaching of the wisdom-religion, theosophy, the oneness of man with the universe. They have found the divinity within, the inner god. They know the meaning of what the Upanishads say in so many ways: "THAT thou art."


Recent Theosophy Books

Living on the Inner Edge- A Practical Esoteric Tale

ByCyrus Ryan

Everyone walks their own path but in the New Age of Spirituality the idea of Group Work was born from the works of the Tibetan Master D.K., where he introduced the idea of group work on the physical plane and in the higher spheres of the Soul, and the Gurdjieff/Ouspensky Work which was accomplished through intense group meetings and personal interaction. Living on the Inner Edge is a foray into the world of experimental Group Work which lasted for over 30 years, constantly evolving and synthesizing the essence of different Esoteric Traditions into a new body of discipline that achieved extraordinary results.


The Master, The Lover, and Me- And all because of The Letter

By Denise McDermott-King

It all began with a letter, found hidden in some old manuscripts, requesting a dispensation for as much karma as possible, to be given in as short a time as possible. As a direct result of replicating this ancient letter, the author’s life was drastically changed, and finally culminated in her being taken on a walkabout with a group of Masters residing in the Rocky Mountains. However, after spending just over nine months with these advanced Brothers, the greatest challenge was to be faced upon her return.


The Master, The Raven, and The Ageless Teapot- And All Because of The Letter

By Denise McDermott-King

Sacred Love in the Sacred Isles... Who would have thought the Masters/Adepts had such a sense of humour? Poetic, funny, heart breaking, and totally relevant to today's world, Denise McDermott-King skilfully introduces you to the Masters of Wisdom as she travels into Scotland and down through England, revealing the final twist in the sacred caves of Northern India. Magically woven and compelling till the end.


Insights from the Masters- A Compilation

By Fiona C. Odgren

Whilst a young woman, at a pivotal time in her life, Fiona C. Odgren met George. She quickly realized that not only was he to become her spiritual mentor, but also her lifelong partner. During their budding relationship, George placed many reads in front of her and amongst them was "The Mahatma Letters". Life would never be the same again. Insights From the Masters is a compilation of "The Mahatma Letters", a remarkable correspondence that took place between two Masters, Koot Humi and Morya, and two influential British men. The Letters are currently held in the British Library, London, UK. With this compilation the author has taken what she considers to be the most interesting themes regarding esoteric knowledge presented by the Masters and made their teachings more accessible to the public. The Letters contain answers on subjects relating to Birth and Death, truth on After-Life and Reincarnation, Occult Science and Phenomena, Karma and Dharma etc. and all while portraying the unconditional love and humour of these advanced souls. The subjects covered are extensive and cover most of the burning questions of today’s true seeker.


“The mystical trend of our time, which shows itself particularly in the rampant growth of the so-called Theosophy and Spiritualism, is for me no more than a symptom of weakness and confusion. Since our inner experiences consist of reproductions, and combinations of sensory impressions, the concept of a soul without a body seem to me to be empty and devoid of meaning.” Albert Einstein


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