Taming The Ego Mind

11/12/18 | By Dominic C. James

Taming the ego mind

By Sam Glory

The bigger your identification with your ego is, the smaller will your awareness of your Inner Self be.

When the worth of one’s being is directly associated with the illusionary perception of identity, it can be very easy for the self-esteem to take a nosedive so deep that a new tenant is forced to move in and restore order. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, lords and again ladies, I introduce unto you, the one and only, the Mr. popular right now, Misteeeeeeer Ego! (Cue the jazz hands and the cymbal sounds.)

Mr. non-integrated Ego is a little magician in the making—all he needs to keep you outside of the light is a curtain, smoke, mirrors and a pretty assistant, which usually come delivered in the form of denial, compensation, fear and distractions—when his hands are moving inside of your mind, don’t expect to see a little bunny come tumbling out though, for in his act there is little wonder. He likes to keep you ignorant and a little needy so bringing your awareness into the equation is an essential step in recognizing his shenanigans.

Now, a lot of negativity has been bestowed onto poor Ego. He’s not all bad, in fact there is goodness to him if he’s to be consciously made your sidekick. With unconditional love, an integrated ego can bring you freedom and even become your right-hand arm to help you shape beautiful things in your life, although all on his own, he cannot, because Mr. Ego is a simple fellow. He does want the same thing as your heart, to be loved, but he is so primitive and a real Neanderthal in emotional intelligence, that he will immediately convince you that brushing all your fears under an invisible carpet of denial is the only solution to keeping strong and successful (ergo to be loved, because you, dear one, didn’t keep this end of the deal). Of course, what your ego (and thus your mind) wants is far from what your heart is whispering, so when you pursue and don’t achieve all the things in life that your ego wants you to go for, you feel hurt.

Many people live by the belief that their hearts must be tamed because they will lead them astray, or even worse, will get them judged by others, which for their egos is a fate worse than death itself. It’s a tricky scenario because once the wings of the Inner Self have been severed, the failsafe parachute (the ego) becomes deployed, and unfortunately without awareness, this uncoordinated fall through life isn’t very easy to spot.

Only when we are able to watch our ego from a spectator’s standpoint, rather than from a participant’s, can we begin to listen more discerningly to the deaf notes in between, the ones that want us to really thrive in our lives, not to just get by— by consciously looking at our ego for the child that it is, we can learn to feel compassion for it and understand why it has fought for our cause so much, and begin a dialogue. You will start to appreciate that all your Inner Self beholds is beautiful and perfect on its own already, without the need for external validation. When you are able to express yourself not for what is tactically advantageous in order to gain something from the outside (ultimately this will always be love), not to set yourself aside for better manipulation of others (again, to feel and receive love), not in fear of what the reaction might be (because all you want is love, love, love), then can you truly speak with genuineness and express the real uncompromised you. If only we had loved ourselves in the first place, the little voice inside us is whispering, life would be so much easier. Time has definitely come for the ego to listen to Dave Brubeck and take 5 while you dive deep.

Tip: Place your hand onto your heart, as if you were holding it. Close your eyes and envision a white string going from your hand and into your heart, connecting the two. Focus on your breathing by inhaling through your nose and exhaling with your mouth. Repeat this three times. Sit in this moment for a few minutes as your mind becomes still. Feel the palm of your hand become warm, the light of your heart pouring into your arm, your body and your mind. You are formally meeting with your heart for the first time. That’s cause alone for some bubbly.

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