Soul Companions - Conversations with Contemporary Wisdom Keepers

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Soul Companions - Conversations with Contemporary Wisdom Keepers

By Karen Sawyer

Extracted selections from Karen’s book

Sandra Ingerman:

Sandra teaches workshops internationally on shamanic journeying, healing, and reversing environmental pollution using spiritual methods. She has trained and founded an international alliance of Medicine for the Earth Teachers and shamanic teachers. Sandra is recognized for bridging ancient cross-cultural healing methods into our modern culture addressing the needs of our times.

I have had several near-death experiences in my life. The first was at the age of seven, when I was hit by lightening. Then, when I was about 19 years old, I drowned in the ocean at Mazatlan in Mexico and was brought back to life, and in my late twenties I accidentally drove my car off a cliff. As I was a child of the 60’s, I also had a lot of experience with psychotropic drugs. All of these things helped me expand my perception of reality and realize that we really limit ourselves in our understanding of what life is about.

During one of my near-death experiences, I went out of my body toward what I perceived as a giant light – a light more illuminant than any light on this earth. It permeated love and I was completely filled with it. The light didn’t recognize me as a personality or as an individual. If Hitler were standing next to me, he would have gotten as much love as I did, because there was no judgment. There was only an experience of oneness and love.

The Barefoot Doctor:

Barefoot Doctor is Stephen Russell, maverick expert in Taoist techniques for remaining sane in a mad, mad world, with a flare for color, warmth and controversy in imparting his information that has won him worldwide acclaim, as well as occasional opprobrium.

After travelling around the world for about six months looking for ‘the spot’, I found myself at Miami airport feeling utterly disillusioned and booked myself a flight back to England. I was about to go through the metal detector and board my flight, when I felt the presence of, and clearly saw in my mind’s eye, a Native American with a full clichéd feathered headdress standing behind me. He put his hands on my right shoulder and physically pulled me round, as if to say, “Don’t go”. (At this point, I have to qualify this by saying that I am one of the biggest skeptics on the planet when it comes to this sort of thing – if I was reading this story, the chances are that I’d now be thinking, ‘Oh, what a fucking wanker!’ but I really, truly promise you that I felt this presence and the physical tug on my shoulder). I couldn’t resist the pull, the feeling was that strong, so I turned round, walked back through the metal detector, forfeited the money I had paid for the flight and walked out of the airport. I followed what he was telling me to do and that’s when I ended up back in New Mexico, where I stayed for four years. I sensed that the same presence had been urging me to leave London in the first place a few months earlier – I’d hear it whispering, ‘go, go, go…’ Although I hadn’t perceived him as visually in my mind initially, in retrospect I feel that it was the same being.

Llyn Roberts:

Llyn Roberts was born and raised in a French Canadian Catholic community in southeastern New Hampshire in the US. She holds a masters degree in Tibetan Buddhist and Western Psychology from Naropa University and was a student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Llyn has worked alongside indigenous shamanic peoples in remote parts of the world and runs the non-profit organization, Dream Change, dedicated to applying indigenous wisdom for personal and global transformation.

Consciously reconnecting with the Light Beings of my childhood changed the course of my life. The extreme nature of my experiences caused me to look outside of my culture to seek a broader philosophical context that helped me to understand all that had happened to me. I found this within indigenous shamanism and worked for many years in remote parts of the world with peoples who revered the spirits, lands and elements that sustained and were one with them, as well as honored their ancestors from the stars. Just as India and Buddhism were a homecoming, indigenous shamanism embraced me as its child. With it has come a deep appreciation for my journey and greater clarity about what I came here to do. The soul calls us to shine the truth of who we are and each of our paths will be unique. My own journey was known to me as a young child but through many years it appeared that I had forgotten it. Yet the soul is persistent, especially in these times of change, and the starry energies quicken us to its voice.

There are many ways to experience and activate our starry essence, yet among the most important is to connect through nature. Mainly hidden to ordinary perception, sublime forces, living cosmic intelligences, flow through the streams and oceans, lie concealed within trees, the earth, winds, stones, and radiate from the skies and celestial bodies. Our Earth Mother is alive and sentient and we cannot fully manifest our human potential until we forge a deeply conscious relationship with her. As do indigenous peoples all over the world, star wisdom urges us to look through the eyes of the heart to see our world as it truly is. In this way we become replenished and remember the magic and miracles of our birthright. A shift of perception is all that’s needed. ‘The Good Remembering’ includes guidance for attuning to the rhythms of these times, as well as powerful practices to reconnect with the Earth and manifest our Light qualities. Through our hearts and bodies we can attune to our larger, spiritual presence and that of the world around us. One way to do this is by entering the silence as I did as a child. We in modern cultures aren’t so comfortable with stillness and space, yet allowing and going deeply into them awakens us to our soul’s voice. It reconnects us to the larger reality with which we are one, yet have forgotten.

Karen Sawyer is author of two books and founder of the ARC (Alternative Research Community) Convention, bringing together a diverse range of individuals to share their knowledge and experiences.

ISBN: 978-1-84694-060-6 (Paperback) £14.99 $29.95

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As our world rapidly moves towards ever greater spiritual, environmental and political challenges there is an urgent need for us to listen to respected healers, seers, visionaries and shamans. For over two years, the author Karen Sawyer met and entered into profound dialogue with such remarkable Soul Companions.

This outstanding and intimate collection includes conversations with renowned teachers Sandra Ingerman, The Barefoot Doctor, William Bloom, Philip Carr-Gomm and Llyn Roberts amongst others. Join the author as she also talks with Elena Avilla, the Curandera or curer from Mexico - Uncle Angaangaq, an Eskimo-Kalaallit Elder from Greenland - Icelandic Druid Jormundur Ingi - Sami shaman Ailo Gaup from Norway and many, many more...

An established freelance journalist, Karen Sawyer writes from fresh and esoteric perspectives which awaken others to the intrinsic magic of our world. She lives by the coast in Wales


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