Lyz Cooper

Lyz Cooper

Lyz Cooper has been working in the mind, body, spirit arena since 1981 and with sound since 1993 when she used sound therapy to recover from ME and chronic stress.

Lyz is dedicated to furthering the field of Sound Therapy and has developed and researched effective techniques which have been shown to help improve health and wellbeing. In 1997 she launched 'Soundworks Sound Therapy' and in 2000 she founded The British Academy of Sound Therapy, the first school in the UK to offer a formal qualification in Sound Therapy. Lyz has taught all over the world and has a vision to launch a branch of the Academy in Australia as well as Germany and the USA.

Her work has received recognition with various awards and in 2012 Lyz was awarded a fellowship for her contribution to the sound therapy field worldwide. She is a trustee of the Institute of Complementary Medicine (ICNM) and co-founder and director of the Sound Therapy Association and will be helping to develop research and education in this rapidly growing field.

She has an MA in Education (her work demonstrated that a rhythm and movement protocol can help improve emotional wellbeing and social skills) and she is in the final year of an MSc in Applied Music Psychology (exploring the effects of sound on consciousness).
e Lyz’s work encompasses crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, voice, Mantra Therapy, Drum Therapy, Tuning Forks and Gong Therapy. She also gives performances, workshops and presentations all over the UK and overseas. Lyz also has three CD’s, Chakra Balance, Crystal and Stone and Emergence (with her ensemble, Soundscapes).
In 2011 she collaborated on 'Weightless' with Marconi Union for Radox Spa, putting the therapeutic sound into the track, which was tested at 'Mindlab' and found to be more relaxing than other music tested. Dubbed by the press as 'the most relaxing track ever' 'Weightless' received international press interest and won a Time Award for being one of the best 50 inventions in 2011, coming 11th.

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