Blanca Beyar

Blanca Beyar

Blanca has been a Guru, author and holistic practitioner for more than 11 years.

Her passion for spirituality began when she was intrigued by a talk-show that was discussing angelic communications. Curious to see what would happen, Blanca attempted to communicate with her angel and to her utter surprise, succeeded. This was the beginning of a life-long mission and purpose for Blanca to be of divine service.

She wears several hats in her practice, all of which are geared to present a complete regimen of mind/body/spiritual healing. She first earned her certification in Spiritual Counseling and began writing her first book, “The Path that Leads the Way.”

Shortly after her first book publication, Blanca was inspired to explore the holistic arts and was led to earn her mastery in Reiki, an ancient art of energy healing. After the events of 9/11, Blanca decided to come out of the closet and opened her private practice, the Spiritual Path.

In her quest to assist humanity in their healing process, Blanca composed and self-published four more titles: “The Path to Self-Realization,” “Mastering the Language of the Universe,” “Goddess Mother Speaks,” and “The Little Book of Life.” She also began production and hosting of her own television program, “Spiritual Teachings with Lavanya,” which airs on public access television in Staten Island and are also available via the Internet on

Throughout her spiritual mission, Blanca has mentored and attuned over 100 students in the art of Reiki healing and emotional cleansing. Today, she has devoted students of the Spiritual Path around the world. Through her books, website and newsletters, she continually inspires humanity to expand their spiritual potential.

Her greatest achievement and joy has been to compose the “Attributes of Mastery.” Throughout her years of teaching and mentoring, Blanca has used many of her life’s experiences to inspire and assist countless of individuals to abandon the role of “victimization” and instead, to embrace the experiences as gifts of growth. For the first time, in her greatest composition yet, Blanca boldly shares many of her traumatic life experiences and teaches readers how to persevere against all odds with grace and spiritual mastery.

Blanca is eager to share this incredible book with people around the world and is ready to embark on a much awaited coming “out into the masses” to enrich, ignite and guide humanity towards the road that leads to self-mastery.

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